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Graf Orlock has never been a band to waste time. Much like any of their other releases there's never a meandering part or ambient build up. Instead it is and always has been no nonsense grind with a touch of hardcore and a tongue puncturing their collective cheeks. Their music remains dead serious but is leavened with a liberal use of movie samples to further explain points contained within the greater context.

Needless to say you know if you like them or not already (assuming you've heard them before). Otherwise the band seem to retain their place as one of the more interesting grind based bands that exist by sticking to their script. Opener "Couple Seeking Comfort" starts, (like most of their songs) with a sample, and blast away into oblivion before spending the last 30 seconds or so going into a slower near breakdown part accompanied by layers of vocals. This trend continues into the next track which is probably closer to a normal hardcore song than Graf would generally venture before going into grind tempo and back out. This is a smart move is it helps to create more of a feeling of single songs rather than an outright blast fest that their supposed peers thrive on.

As I had previously mentioned if you've experienced Graf Orlock before you should know what to expect. If not you should brace yourself for 10 minutes of fury bolstered by intelligent samples that serve the songs.

7.9 / 10Jon E.
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7.9 / 10

7.9 / 10

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