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To say that this album gives vibes similar to those of …And Justice For All, is an understatement. The newest album by Colorado thrash metal aficionados, Havok, starts with guitar harmonies that can only be described what it must sound like when descending into the metal underworld upon death.

With raw intensity this album is the epitome of thrash. With screaming vocals and solid song writing throughout, the album never gets dull nor monotonous. I did find it amusing the band uses some flanger on the drums for breakdowns, but it’s an awesome addition to what a traditional metal record can sound like. Havok sounds like they work at perfecting the tones to make their instruments play exactly how they want them to sound.

An example of this is bass played by newcomer Brandon Bruce who has basically one of the sickest bass guitar tones I’ve heard on a metal record. Punchy with just a tinge of rubber band, it sticks out in just the right places. Just another reason why this album does what …And Justice For All couldn’t. The bass is there, and it’s fucking awesome.

Drummer Pete Webber is also solid as hell. Some double kick metal drumming has unfortunately turned into a speed contest for many bands with drummers blasting non stop. Pete holds back perfectly with a range of different kick styles and solid drum patterns. His playing is tight as hell and he doesn’t overdo it to the point where you loose the beat. He isn’t Lars Ulrich, he’s the drummer you wish Ulrich was.

The guitar work is extremely solid and unfortunately would be more appreciated by someone who plays guitar. I have however deduced that Reece Alan Scruggs and David Sanchez fucking shred. You will come to the same conclusion.

Overall solid record with great guitar work, solid vocals and great song writing. Releasing during a pandemic can’t be easy, and I can’t wait for them to get back on the road touring. Havok - V is currently sitting in my heavy rotation.

7.5 / 10Chris W
Shellshag - FUTQ
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7.5 / 10

7.5 / 10

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