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A piece of hardcore music is going to die when In Control bows out later this year. They are one of the most loved, respected, and important bands in the scene currently and the West Coast is going to feel a bigger disturbance in the Force than Obi-wan Kenobi did when Alderon was blown to bits by the Emperor's Death Star. Sadly, even the biggest stars collapse into their own masses and become mere shadows of their former selves. The constant search for a dedicated rhythm section who could tour more provided the ultimate end in the band's near five years of existence.

Before breaking up, the band decided they would complete the tentative 7" they had been planning for almost six months. This odyssey led to Kayfabe Memories, the final testament of Southern California's greatest band. The EP contains four songs of classic IC hardcore punk rock.

The first song, "Victory," is a commentary on President Bush's actions in the Middle East. It seems that with this song they were going for a sound similar to their Oxnard comrades, Vendetta. "Victory" is a little slower than most IC songs, but it is still as hard as anything they have written. The next song on the 7" is "Tradition." It is straight on, fast, pissed-off, old school punk rock like what we all used to listen to when we were freshmen in high school.

To contrast "Tradition," the first song on the next side is the title track, "Kayfabe Memories." This particular track is a heartfelt retrospective, introspective allegory chronicling the ups and downs, the good times and bad times, the inevitable changes of growing up. The rhythms of the guitar are very well-written and Ryan tries his best to sing along with his uniquely scratchy voice. Finishing the soon-to-be classic anthem is what may be the most melodic breakdown of all time, complete with gang vocals and a floating guitar harmony.

Kayfabe Memories ends in a way that only In Control could pull off, a remake of an old classic. In this case, this classic is "He Fails Me" from The Truth Hurts. Sadly enough, the song sounds as if Ryan is about to lose himself knowing that his band is about to go south, not just for winter but for good.

This album, for now, is only available at shows, so that is another reason to go see this band before they kick the proverbial bucket. The tour edition is out on red, has an alternative cover, and is limited to 100, so all you vinyl collectors better hurry up on this or you will be scavenging e-bay like the vulture you are. Also, even vinyl nerds aren't going to want to sell this gem when they hear it. It is truly a noble way to go out. Goodbye, In Control.

9.0 / 10Nick
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9.0 / 10

9.0 / 10

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Radio K 2
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