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To Die For

"Welcome to 1996." I think that would be a more appropriate name for this record. Integrity is back with the original line-up, sans Melnick, after a stint doing the really terrible Integrity 2000 records. They are now on Deathwish and they haven't been this pissed in some time.

The record starts off with "Taste My Sin" which I must say is the best track on the record. It sums up in 2:52 what you will hear in the duration of this record. Dwid comes in screaming immediately. 15 seconds in, Chubby Fresh is slamming on his double bass. 28 seconds in, the chorus hits and is short and sweet. Around a minute and 9 seconds in, they start to break it down for you that just leads into a build up with a guitar solo that rips you a new asshole. But wait! We still need a mosh part! No need to worry. Right after the solo, you'll be swinging your arms, punching the floor, and beating your chest to a brutal breakdown. After this song, you know Integrity is back in the thrown as the kings of hardcore.

"Dreams Bleed On" starts off a little slow and builds up into a speedy hardcore jaunt that features tiny solos, moshy parts with unrelenting double bass, and Dwid screaming as if he were getting ready to rip your head off.

This record does have some surprises in store. "Blessed Majesty" is an acoustic-instrumental track that is very un-Integ. Listening to "Lost Without You" is like listening to Metallica circa-1984 when they were writing instrumentals like "Call of Ktulu." Title track, "To Die For," has more in common with bands like Give Up the Ghost than older Integrity. Not that this is a bad thing. It gives the album even more diversity and has a breakdown that is fucking excellent to say the least.

Integrity is back. Whether you like it or not, they are back. If this MCD is any indication to what a full length will be like, we are in store for some of their best material yet. If you missed out on the haydays of wearing basketball jerseys, bandanas, and fucking shit up, don't fear because Integrity is looking to bring it all back.

8.4 / 10Shane
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8.4 / 10

8.4 / 10

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