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Have you ever wondered what Weezer would sound like had they turned into a psychedelic garage band? Well, look no further because the Nashville duo, JEFF the Brotherhood, do a fine job of showcasing that concept. This band of brothers have been rocking the Nashville music scene for the past decade and finally began to get some exposure with 2009’s well-received, Heavy Days. The band is back, louder and catchier, with their sixth full length, We Are The Champions.

The Brotherhood open the album with the mid-tempo number, “Hey Friend.” It starts off with a classic-psyche rock intro before it all comes to a halt, and it becomes more focused. Jake Orrall takes the lead that’s so reminiscent of Weezer, it’s hard to ignore. The band then kicks into “Cool Out,” which is a fast paced garage-rock song with a harmonious bridge and a furious outro. They slow things back down on “Bummer,” but make up for the tempo change with a catchy melody. “Shredder” gets back to rocking out with a more constructed riff than heard on the previous tracks. JEFF diverge from the garage rock influence with “Diamond Way.” They turn off the distortion and go for a post-punk sound while incorporating poppy melodies.

The midway point brings us to one of the better tracks, “Ripper,” and begins the better half of the album. Up to this point, the vocals have been relatively monotonous. Fortunately, Jake changes it up a little, taking things higher and aggressive. However, it’s pretty reserved when it comes to the lyrics. The only lyric in the song is, “I don’t wanna--I don’t wanna, don’t wanna go! No, no, no,” which is repeated in each verse. Next up is a personal favorite, “Mellow Out.” It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it has a catchy hook that I can’t resist. “Endless Fire” serves as a sort of interlude—opening with a calm organ intro before bringing back the clean guitar. It’s reminds me a little of “Only in Dreams” from Weezer’s Blue Album. After some more catchy choruses in “Stay Out Late,” we reach “Health and Strength,” which breaks away from the rest of the record--featuring an acoustic guitar, sitar, and tambourine. It’s different, but it doesn’t struggle trying to fit in. The Brotherhood closes the album with “Wastoid Girl.” It’s a mid-tempo closer that certainly has that “ending” feel to it, but there’s nothing very special about it.

I know I probably referenced Weezer too many times--and you’re bound to hear comparisons from others, but you can’t help that. Some people might even be glad to hear they have a new outlet for that early sound. We Are The Champions may not have the most complex song writing and the lyrics are pretty straightforward, but JEFF the Brotherhood have given us the perfect soundtrack to a Summer party.

7.8 / 10Aaron H
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7.8 / 10

7.8 / 10

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