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Blood is Bright

I could attempt a witty introduction for this review, but both you and I know that you never read the first paragraph of these reviews. It's just witty banter or some lame story that attempts to tie in with the band's release. So to cut to the chase, what we have here is Boston-based rockers Junius' new EP, Blood is Bright.

Following a brief intro track, "[The Annunciation]," Junius open things up with the title track to this five-song EP. "Blood is Bright" immediately brings to mind a mix of space-rock and 80's alternative/industrial cross-over. The later of which is a result of guitarist/vocalist Joseph E. Martinez's vocal harmonies, which bear a striking resemblance to Robert Smith. And while the vocals may be what catch your attention first, it is the musical compositions of the band that are truly the showcase. The remaining members - Dana Filloon on drums, Keiffer Infantino on bass, and Mike Repasch-Nieves on guitar - skew together angular guitars, dramatic drumming, and upbeat bouncy basslines. Think Jupiter-era Cave In, but less progressive and more direct and straightforward in its song structure.

"A Word Could Kill Her" hits the listener midway through Blood is Bright. This is definitely Junius at their best, providing an outstanding demonstration of their musical capabilities. The song rocks a bit harder than the other songs and is primarily an instrumental, but despite this it fits perfectly and doesn't seem out of place in the context of the EP. "In the Hearts of Titans" and "At the Age of Decay" follow with more of the well-executed combination of dark and moody alternative rock that we've heard throughout.

Blood is Bright is an excellent EP from a band deserving of as much praise as possible. I loved everything about it, well except the packaging. I loathe cardboard sleeves for the lone reason that the CD gets scratched sliding it in and out. Nevertheless, fans of The Cure, Failure, and Oceansize will greatly appreciate what Junius has to offer.

9.0 / 10Michael
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9.0 / 10

9.0 / 10

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