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Blood, decay, and darkness, that’s what I think of when I listen to Kill Matilda’s re-release EP #Punk#Zombie#RocknRoll which derived from their 2011 full length album I Want Revenge. This album grips my mind and twists my emotions! I imagine myself in a dank basement with thirty of the coolest people I know, crammed in, with can’s of PBR, and one of the best mosh pit experiences of my youth! “Pomegranate” starts the album with a very 90’s punk band vibe, and with a female lead that catches my attention and get’s me nodding my head to the beat. “I Want Revenge” has quite a few interesting vocal moments. About 1:48 into the song I can picture the guitar player getting really into it and would love to see this band play live! “Zombie Apocalypse” definitely embodies what the opening to a zombie movie should sound like. “I know the weather’s getting warmer, and we are maggots on a corpse. We sucked out the blood and marrow, and every single last resource.” Those lines paint a photograph in my mind. 

I like to imagine what kind of video games you can play music to. For this album I think it would be perfect for skating games, faced paced racing games, and zombie fighting games of course! “Law Abiding Citizen” is my favorite song on this album. I have recently added this song to my workout play list, it really helps me get the heart rate up. 

If I had the opportunity to arrange the album myself I‘d have put “Geisha with a switchblade acoustic” as the first track, and included the regular version for the last track. I was quite sad that it didn’t have the awesome hardcore version, although I can really get into the guitar riffs and vocal talents in the acoustic rendition. This song has a twisted, and sad story and as you listen you can picture the parts playing out like characters in a movie. “One part, two part, three part, four I lay your body parts on the floor. Now you’ve come to your bitter end. This will never happen again. One kiss on your ripped up lips, and rigamortis makes your body stiff. You served me once, I’ll serve you twice, I guess two wrongs do make a right.” They did write this song based on the true emotions they felt towards a serial killer that was murdering prostitutes in Vancouver. 

OMG, “PBJ“! After listening to an acoustic song it hits me heavy with full force and I want to jump up and get wild! This is that song that would play and make you so pumped up that you’d be almost disappointed the show was over. That’s how I felt when the songs had all played, but then I just put it on repeat. I really am looking forward to the EP coming out later this year that is being produced by Garth Richardson. This band Kill Matilda is a head strong determined band that hasn’t let medical issues come between them and the music. They had to take some time away, but they are back and I can’t wait to see what comes next! 

8.4 / 10Kazidelicious
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8.4 / 10

8.4 / 10

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