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I thought rock was a dead scene. The radio repeatedly fed me the term since my early teens, pushing different versions of the same band on the airways. Everything sounded like a watered down rendition of some seventies ideal I never cared about. Nothing I’d ever heard described as rock had any heart, let alone any balls. Ladyfinger (ne) are not some kind of saviors to the genre, but their latest release Dusk embodies what a rock record should be: a direct and energetic sound with a fuck you attitude.

Dusk is made up of ten tracks, and if somewhat brash, the album uses of the straight guitar/bass combo to an assaulting end. The record is devoid of bells and whistles, but rather sees Ladyfinger(ne) use their instruments to the fullest capacity, unapologetic rifting away catchy hooks backed up by a full sounding rhythm section. Dusk’s opener “Over and Over” sets the mood for the album, thrusting forward a wailing guitar sound over an incredible bass tone before the sing/yell vocals kick in. The third track, and would be single, “Little Things” is the band at their best, showcasing the balance between a toe tapping catchiness and fist pumping rock outs. Lyrically the album is mostly lost to style, though vocalist Chris Machmuller’s belts out the tracks with a surefire confidence. Though it might not always be clear what he’s saying, you know he means it.

As a sophomore album Ladyfinger(ne) give over up an impactful offering to a largely stale genre. While Dusk occasionally drags as a whole, the choice tracks are enough to set them apart from their contemporaries, and set up anticipation for the band could do in the future.

7.0 / 10Graham Isador
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7.0 / 10

7.0 / 10

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