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After releasing their debut, The Fake Sound of Progress, Lostprophets have returned with their second album for Columbia Records. On their first effort the band combined the versatility of Faith No More and the radio-appeal of Incubus with the charm of their countrymen Duran Duran. On their new full-length, Start Something, the band works to avoid a sophomore-slump by jazzing things up with some unlikely inspiration.

Start Something opens with a different zest that its predecessor. "We Still Kill the Old Way" makes use of guitar riffs that would make any 80's metalhead bang their head. It is fairly obvious that Lostprophets were listening to some real metal, not nü-metal, during the recording of their latest album. But before I get some old school Anthrax fans totally stoked, I must divulge that the song quickly changes to a radio-friendly sound. "To Hell We Ride" keeps things moving along with a great lyrical hook for a chorus. It was so good that I couldn't help but sing/scream along. It doesn't take long for things to slow down, first we hit the radio-single "Last Train Home" and a little later we hit "Burn, Burn," which sounds like it was lifted straight from Incubus' Make Yourself. Unfortunately, the pattern doesn't end there. On "I Don't Know" vocalist Ian Watkins continues his Mike Patton impersonation, which ends up sounding identical to Brandon Boyd. Lucky for us, Watkins does utilize his own sound at times, something he should do more often. While the earlier parts of the album sound similar to the works of Incubus, the latter half of the album makes up for the lack of identity. "Hello Again" is a rock-tune that would shine alongside anything from AFI's Sing the Sorrow. Lostprophets decide its time to kick things back up a notch on the title track. Drummer Mike Chiplin is finally given a chance to showcase his skills behind the kit with everything from setting a solid beat, providing excellent fills, and even the occasional double-bass. "Start Something" closes with a beautiful piano piece, which no doubt shows that keyboardist/programmer Jamie Oliver was heavily influenced by Faith No More. "Last Summer" follows a simple beat throughout, sounding like the perfect dance song to follow No Doubt's "Hella Good." As for the album closer, "Sway," you're better off just finishing off on "Last Summer" because you're not missing anything that stimulating.

For Lostprophets, what it all comes down to is the inability to separate themselves from their peers. Too many of the songs sound like second-rate Incubus, but at least that's better than Hoobastank. This isn't to say things are all bad, there are some shining moments on Start Something. Just be prepared to use the "next track" feature on your remote.

6.0 / 10Michael
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6.0 / 10

6.0 / 10

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