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Love Your Abuser Remixed

Love Your Abuser was released in January 2007, just over a year ago. As an intermediary release (before their next full-length), Lymbyc Systym got some friends together to remix their previously released songs. I was very eager to lend my ears to this release as Love Your Abuser is a very eclectic album. The band's unique take on instrumental music stood out from the multitude of recently surfacing "post-rock" groups. This two-piece predominantly relies on keyboards and drums to create entrancing tracks. However, auxiliary instruments are used accordingly to make the songs well rounded. The packaging for all the Love Your Abuser Remixed CDs were handmade and numbered. Lymbyc Systym made it known that this release is very limited (only 1,000 pressed) and available only on their tour or through mail order.

Seven artists have taken Lymbyc Systym's songs and altered them in their own way. These groups include past tour-mates (The One AM Radio, The Album Leaf, and This Will Destroy You), label-mates (Bibio and Daedelus), and other musical allies (Back Ted N-Ted and Reference). In fact, the Bell brothers, who make up Lymbyc Systym, have redone two of their own songs for the album as well.

The One AM Radio redoes the first track, “Astrology Days.” Horns dominate this cut, which ends up taking away from the intensity of the original track. It's an interesting listen, but it's not as noteworthy as the other remixes. Cohesively the third and fourth songs present the most captivating renditions of Lymbyc Systym's music. In order, The Album Leaf performs "Fall Bicycle," and Bibio remixes "Truth Skull." The Album Leaf, as a band with music similar to Lymbyc Systym, takes the song and practically improves upon the original. Bibio uses guitar in the beginning and a unique atmospheric build-up at the end to turn "Truth Skull" into an almost entirely different song.

Lymbyc Systym's own reworking of "Birds" and "Idle Wires" exhibit their ability to remix their own tunes, while keeping the general vibe of their original songs. If you like the versions on Love Your Abuser, there's no question that you'll like these too. Back Ted N-Ted changes the intro track of Love Your Abuser, "Rest Easy / Age Kindly," into a jarring techno version. The beginning of the song is basically identical to Lymbyc Systym's original, but it transforms half way through.

This Will Destroy You and Daedelus make their remixes more like their own styles (atmospheric rock and electronica respectively). "...So We Can Sleep," Daedelus' remix, features distorted vocals - the only song on both of Lymbyc Systym's efforts with vocals, I might add. "A Day At The Beach," by Reference is hardly a remix; the song sounds virtually the same. "Pittsburgh Left" is the only song missing from this remix album, and only Lymbyc Systym knows why.

If your expectations aren't too high - and they shouldn't be for a remix album - before you listen to Love Your Abuser Remixed, you're bound to be surprised. Lymbyc Systym keep their fans appeased with this release as they finish writing and recording their upcoming LP.

6.7 / 10Tohm
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6.7 / 10

6.7 / 10

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