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All I keep hearing these days is that Rock is dead, the ever popular Gene Simmons schooled us with this factoid in an interview he did with Esquire (Esquire WTF??) last month. Well friends let me assure you Mad the Martian, a band we interviewed here on Scene Point Blank recently, are here to save Rock and Roll. The band has a great new release out entitled Blast Off and from start to finish this record is a sonic collection of powerful up tempo old school Rock and Roll gems. The band is made up of brothers Bob and Jack Marsh, on guitars and keyboards respectively rounded out by Anthony J. Resta on drums and other sounds.

First off let me say, the record is packed with tunes delivered with a passion for craftsmanship sharpened in the studio and with Anthony Resta on the board the sound and vibe comes off perfectly. Many of the albums songs, like "Cmon Cmon Cmon", "Blast Off", "Boomerang", "Stuff", and "Dagger" showcase the bands finely honed sound with multiple layers of guitars, keys, and percussion along with some awesomely bitching lead vocals.

While tunes like "Living out loud", "Lift Me Up", and "Time Machine" each showing off the bands gentle rock ballad side, the song "Time Machine" in particular comes in as a dreamy psychedelic song oozing with Beatles influences.

The final cut on the record "If Time Stood Still" is another trippy psyche influenced song that has it all lyrically and musically. Overall the record stands out as refreshing with the band not comfortable with resting on their studio abilities but also demonstrating they have what it takes both lyrically as well as vocally. They demonstrate their love for the genre and the time with this release and hopefully we will hear and see more of these guys soon.

9.0 / 10Scott Wilkinson
Radio K 2
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9.0 / 10

9.0 / 10

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