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So, you want to listen to some FUCKING HARDCORE?!

Yes, Madball, that loveable NYHC band is coming out with a new album aptly titled N.Y.H.C. How adorable!

Despite my music knowledge, I've never really been into the hardcore scene, but now, after listening to this album, I understand what the hell all those hardcore kids talk about when they keep talking about "breakdowns". Seriously, Madball takes those stereotypical hardcore themes (enemies, bad ass-ness, etc.) and applies them to all four songs on this 7". Aside from the dichotomous (almost propagandist) lyrics, the songs are the generic "don't stop-a rocking" melodies.

With the 2-3 minutes per song, Madball pounds one out on their audience. It's not really fast, but it's hard and it's definitely loud. Probably because of how every strum of the gee-tar, every beat of the drum and every shout of the singer's voice is strummed, beaten and sung like it's the guitarist's/drummer's/singer's last.

There's a nice definition of hardcore, right there. Copy and paste THAT into your AIM profiles, morons.

Madball is a pretty solid definition for hardcore music. Each song provides the angst-ridden hardcore fiend with as much music as a kilo of Turkish black tar to a heroin addict.

That aside, Madball (and hardcore in general) seems to favor the breakdowns. Every single breakdown in all four songs seems to be the heart and soul of the song and they're pretty well timed. It's like sweet relief from the drudgery of banging repetitiously to no end.

Not much else can be said about this album (it is a 7", after all). Some might say there's not much more to hardcore in general. The beats are monotonous; the melodies don't seem to change . . . maybe it provides an outlet for some, but for others who are looking for more depth than this, don't turn to Madball.

If you've ever been the "seasoned" scenester that felt the need to go out and listen to every kind of music just because you're that post-modern, check out Madball. Madball isn't necessarily considered the best hardcore has to offer, but it is still widely considered "hardcore".

5.8 / 10Seth
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5.8 / 10

5.8 / 10

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