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Make Believe EP

Thanks to a friend of mine, Blaine Patrick, lately I've been getting into American Football, Cap'n Jazz and Owen. These bands, among others, are all connected by the Jacksons of indie rock, the Kinsella brothers. When I heard Tim Kinsella's band Joan Of Arc I was disappointed. They're definitely creating their own sound, but something was missing. Recently Tim Kinsella's newer band, Make Believe, released an EP titled Make Believe. This release was what I was looking for. Make Believe is a mathematical indie rock juggernaut, forcing itself into your brain with an electric blitzkrieg of energy and insanity.

One of the weirdest attributes of Make Believe is how their guitarist does a lot of finger tapping. Not Van Halen stylized finger tapping; more like something you'd hear in a Hella song...but not as noisy. Imagine the introduction of The Who's "Baba O'Riley" on horse tranquilizers and put through a TI-83 calculator. The rhythm offered by Make Believe will confuse even the greatest dancers as it jumps around more than a kangaroo on a pogo stick. Make Believe isn't all speedy rock convulsions by any means though; listen to "Abracadabra - Thumbs!" for some more laid back rock. Well...Make Believe's version of "laid back rock".

While guitar notes spring at the listener from all angles, the insanity that is Tim Kinsella sings, shrieks, swoons, and projects his lyrics in any way his throat allows. With lyrics like, "All the heavy metal songs are good when they say never surrender/All the hip hop hits are good when they say my name/All the balladeers ballads are good when they say, 'Oh my my dear I'm so far away'/All the patriotic modern country hits are good when they say be patriotic/Because patriotism is critical," from "We're All Going To Die" and " an ancient astronaut!" from "Temping As A Shaman", you will question the sanity of Make Believe instantly. While those lyrics might seem nonsensical, ones like "If the radio is kind of indication I guess they only got God and sports in Bakersfield" from "Britt's Favorite" appear to offer some social satire.

What makes Make Believe not just another noise-indie-experimental band is that the music makers have good comprehension of their instruments. This enables the music to be very tight and not all over the place in a negative manner. It is all over the place, but all together in that place. If you're sick of the same old thing in music, check Make Believe out; they will remind you that music can still be creative without being obnoxious/bad. With a 7" coming out on Flame Shovel on November 16, I can't wait to hear what they will be doing.

9.2 / 10Zed
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9.2 / 10

9.2 / 10

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