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XL Recordings (2005)

Superfluous. If I could describe the music press' fawning over female Sri-Lankan/British emcee M.I.A. in a single word, that would be it. This excessive praise for a new artist is not unique to her, of course. In 2004, it was Franz Ferdinand. In 2003, it was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. To be honest, M.I.A.'s Arular does not live up to … Read more


/\/\ /\ Y /\ (MAYA)
XL Recordings (2010)

The hipsterati and the New York Times may have set their sights on MIA but, frankly, I don’t have the time to care what she eats during an interview. Besides, her music is largely a studio product anyway, which gives it an insulating layer from its creator’s personality. <i>Maya</i> is the Indo-British singer’s third record and her first since becoming … Read more