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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
Nadja - Bodycage album cover


Bodycage, 2006

8.3 / 10

There aren't many drone and ambient bands out there that can hold my interest for more than a couple of minutes. There has to be a certain something special there ...

Nadja - Desire in Uneasiness album cover


Desire in Uneasiness, 2008

7.2 / 10

Where to start with Nadja? To be honest, being inundated with hype from the Internet's hype machine forces my hand into checking out what this duo has to offer my ...

Nadja - Numbness album cover


Numbness, 2009

8.0 / 10

Numbness is an excellent collection of rarities and previously unreleased material from the increasingly prolific two-piece known as Nadja. Aidan Baker and Leah Buckeroff are nothing if not active and ...

Nadja - Belle Bêtes album cover


Belle Bêtes, 2009

8.0 / 10

Look out now because Nadja’s release schedule is kicking into high gear with the release of Belle Bêtes via the fine folks of Beta-Lactam Ring in a limited edition of ...

Nadja - Clinging to the Edge of the Sky album cover


Clinging to the Edge of the Sky, 2009

8.0 / 10

Yes, Nadja continues to be a frustratingly prolific group that pumps out records faster and more geographically spread out than most bands could ever dream of producing. And while that ...

Nadja - Under a Jaguar Sun album cover


Under a Jaguar Sun, 2009

8.5 / 10

When was the last time that you experienced an extremely impressive musical project that made your jaw drop to the ground in awe of the scope, execution, and general quality ...

Nadja - Autopergamene album cover


Autopergamene, 2010

8.0 / 10

Nadja has certainly outdone themselves on this one; Autopergamene is an absolute artistic triumph in every way imaginable (the deluxe CD version of the release is in any case, and at ...

Nadja - Corrasion (Reissue) album cover


Corrasion (Reissue), 2012

8.0 / 10

Being an acquired taste is a blessing for some bands as they get to be as adventurous as they could ever want to be and their “fan” base usually will ...

Nadja - Flipper album cover


Flipper, 2013

8.0 / 10

Do you find that at times you need to change your perspective on something or someone, and if so how exactly do you gain that fresh perspective? For my part, ...

Nadja - Queller album cover


Queller, 2014

7.9 / 10

As a full on Nadja addict, Queller was immediately on my radar when I heard of its upcoming release; but as a “music critic” (that is what we do here right), Queller may just ...

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