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Currently on album number twelve, NOFX have become content with a certain sound that seems to represent their careers. That, of course, would be straight-forward punk rock with political overtones as well as some humorous numbers. So, what's to expect from their new album, Coaster? More of the same? You'd be right in terms of sound, but with old Georgie finally out of the White House, the band's lyrical focus has changed for the better.

The album starts off with the straight up punk sound of "We Called it America," which shows NOFX sticking to their true sound that has remained in their twenty-five years as a band. Not to say they don't try new things on Coaster, because they certainly do. Take "Best God In Show" for instance, the band's attempt at making a blend of ska-punk and reggae. Results are somewhat mixed. There's also "One Million Coasters" which ends the album with a jazzy vibe and the synth-laced "Creeping Out Sara." The track, "I Am An Alcoholic" also shows the band attempting to include jazz elements and "Eddie, Bruce and Paul" shows the band's "faux-metal" side.

As mentioned earlier, the band's lyrics are still fairly political with songs like "We Called it America." They also tackle Christianity and Fat Mike's views on "Blasphemy" and "Best God in Show." "The Quitter," "First Call" and "I Am An Alcoholic" also tackle the issue of alcohol abuse with the latter track being a more humorous approach.

The weirdest track on here, without a doubt, is "Creeping Out Sara" which is Fat Mike rambling about his encounter with a member of the folk-pop duo Tegan and Sara. Needless to say, it provides a few good laughs. Same goes for "Eddie, Bruce and Paul" which is the band retelling the story of Paul D'Annio's departure from Iron Maiden (complete with fake falsettos and guitar shredding thanks to El Jefe!). "My Orphan Year" is one of the more serious tracks as it tells the story of the death of both his parents, probably the band's most personal song to date.

Coaster is basically just another NOFX album for fans to enjoy but it's definitely their best album in about eight years and has a few songs that have the potential to be staples in concert set-lists. Not sure if this will convert any new fans to the band, I mean, if you don't like any of their previous eleven albums, then it will probably be the same with this one. However, it is still good to see NOFX remain consistent with their music after twenty-five years of being a band.

7.0 / 10Corey S.
KFAI - Undead
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7.0 / 10

7.0 / 10

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