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Tired Of Tomorrow

A relatively new band, started releasing music around 2010, Nothing display a strong grasp to alternative rock. Their debut album, Guilty of Everything, conjured and presented in great fashion elements such as shoegaze haze and alt-rock grooves, introducing the musical endeavors of the band, but it felt that there was still some way to go for Nothing to achieve their goals. Two years later, Nothing return with Tired of Tomorrow and make good on their promise.

The driving force of Nothing is the shoegaze element, which is captured magnificently through the album. Dense soundscapes spread forth, with the band transversing through emotions with a deep and delicate characteristic, while at the same time taking advantage of the thick wall of sound. The sound is heavy and mellow, the guitar fuzz exactly on the appropriate level, heavy and thick to cover the soundscapes but does not become lost and irrelevant with its distortion. Psychedelic elements make their appearance, seeing Nothing working on the parts beneath the surface, causing a number of interesting movements to appear, resulting in this colourful haze of an album.

Settings change through the record, with acoustic moments and piano parts appearing in through the album, causing the experience to become more dynamic. And, even though shoegaze might be the main weapon of choice for Nothing, that does not mean that they do not venture in additional territories. The punk and hardcore background of the band members rises to the surface with the attitude that certain songs project, as heavier beatdown parts come in. Heavy rock elements are also present, and these even transverse into stoner territory, in “Curse of the Sun” with the groove and feel bringing to mind a bastardized union between Kyuss and Smashing Pumpkins, while a bit of grunge is also seemingly just around the corner for these guys.

The one aspect that remains fairly static is the melodic element that oozes through Tired of Tomorrow, from the simple guitar leads to the fantastic vocal delivery, Nothing make every phrase appear transcendental, carrying a subtly melancholic tonality. This constant link between the tracks aid in the transitions, making the experience of Tired of Tomorrow more coherent and constant. Through its ethereal tones, alt-rock aptitude and almost comforting perspective, Nothing has produced an excellent sequel to their good debut.

8.1 / 10Spyros Stasis
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8.1 / 10

8.1 / 10

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