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The first time I saw Outbreak was at the "last" Suicide File show at the ICC Church in Boston during the baseball playoffs of '03. I had no clue whom Outbreak was except the fact that they were from Maine of all places and the kids went absolutely ape shit for them. After that show they were quickly signed to Bridge Nine Records and the EP You Make Us Sick was released and some tours were made and the next thing we know everyone across the nation was fighting for the mic screaming, "No one likes you! No one cares!"

Now here we are midway through 2006 and Outbreak drops their full length, Failure onto the hardcore world and the primary reports weren't good. I saw way too many threads on messageboards on how Outbreak has slowed down and lost their touch and gosh darn it they just weren't as pissed off as they were on You Make Us Sick. My hopes were shattered.

So here am I at 9:23 in the AM in my boxers listening to Failure and I'm starting to think I should never read another thread from anymore armchair Soulseek loving critics, because they obviously have no clue on what the fuck they are talking about. Failure rips from opening track "Down Not Out" to the ender "Square One". If anything Outbreak has gotten more proficient with their pissed snotty hardcore attack with more solid drumming, a bit of NYHC hardcore influence, and just better song writing.

Outbreak is still pissed as all hell but they now deliver it in a more concise attack ripe with thunderous breakdowns, squealing guitars, and tons of sing along parts. What else do you kids need from a hardcore album? What the hell is with all you naysayer and shit-talkers? You wouldn't know a good album if one downloaded itself and put it on repeat on your iPod. Oh I see what the problem is; some of the "wrong kids" are getting into Outbreak so they can't be cool anymore. Yeah that happens a lot in hardcore these days as everyone tries to out-cool each other with hearing the new bands first and then hating on them next year when people start liking them too. I call this the "Terror was Awesome in 2002 Syndrome". It's a disease that's hurting hardcore with holier than thou attitudes, lunchroom cliques, and other too scene snobbery.

Well I hate to tell you kids, you weren't exactly born with the SOIA "S/T" EP sticking out your ass so put up with the n00bs listening to great hardcore or drop out already. I for one don't need your elitist attitude. Yeah buddy you're only as cool as what you get to download first. Thanks for supporting hardcore, asshole.

Anyhow, sorry got a bit off track there, Failure is solid, great hardcore album that still shows that Outbreak is still as fucking pissed as there were when they were playing basements and VFWs in Maine. If you love hardcore get Failure and then go run around your neighborhood giving everyone the finger and tell the world to "fuck off." Failure shall provide you with the soundtrack.

8.5 / 10Jason
Radio K 2
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8.5 / 10

8.5 / 10

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Radio K 2
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