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Sometimes I find myself shaking my ass, clapping my hands, and just plain out getting down. I can say that, for 80% of these moments, Q and Not U is the soundtrack to such ass shaking. Sure Different Damage didn't provide nearly as many ass shaking moments but when it provided one, it far surpassed any of them on No Kill No Beep Beep. Don't get me wrong, No Kill No Beep Beep had great moments to break out and dance to, but they were more "punky" and not nearly as "funky" as the ones provided on Different Damage.

This new single, containing two songs, has taken the straight-forwardness of No Kill... and mixed it with the funk grooves that were discovered on Different Damage to make two of their best songs yet. On the first, "X-Polynation," drummer John Davis, and bassist/vocalist Chris Richards, hook into this unconventional groove until it explodes with Harris Klahr just belting out in his snotty way. The chorus kicks in with Chris and Harris switching off vocal duties and the guitar coming into the forefront in terms of instruments. The song goes through with another verse/revisit intro/chorus part before finding it's end. Next up is "Book Of Flags", one of my new favorite songs.

Cowbell and a soft whisper begin until a scream and John's lead with a funky ass beat brings the song into swing. John knows how to swing and groove better than almost any drummer I have ever had the pleasure to see in my life. It's a show in itself to watch him play as he keeps a smile on his face the whole time. It's hard to imagine him doing any different during this recording. Chris softly sings the verses with the occassional yell in the background. The verse/chorus structure of this song isn't really there though. Everything seems to build up until the middle of the song where a single guitar plays before "Woooo!" is proclaimed by all and the dance is brought into full swing. The song ends with the ambience that Different Damage saw a lot of and that is it. The two song single is over. Q and Not U have gone through broken feet, lost band members and other trials and tribulations to get where they are. With the release of their next full length in summer 2004, they could be the biggest thing since sliced bread. Especially if this single is any indication of the things to come.

9.0 / 10Shane
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9.0 / 10

9.0 / 10

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