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Boston-based Ramming Speed burst onto the scene with their debut 7” in 2007. The EP followed suit of the crossover/thrash revival that had recently begun to sweep our nation. But don’t write these fellows of as a knockoff, Ramming Speed is the real deal and the thirteen songs found on Brainwreck are evidence of just that.

“Speed Trials” kickstarts the album in fitting fashion. Aggressive drumming, slaying guitars, and spitting vocals provide the perfect accompaniment to lyrics that speak to what drives the band to thrash for a living. “The Threat…” follows and rages just as hard. The band continues to exhibit their influences through the album as they blast through cut after cut of headbanging goodness. There are moments that are directed towards classic metal - “Heavy Metal Thunder” - while others tackle the modern style of hardcore - “Political Party.” It’s a nice mix of sounds that allows the band to not be pinned as novelty act, instead they offer reference points for fans to branch out and investigate the music that inspired them: Slayer, Exodus, Napalm Death, Black Flag.

Lyrically, vocalist Pete “Za” Gallagher hits on topics all across the board. Sure, there are the traditional party anthems that are often associated with thrash bands. But in addition, there are songs about our government’s political decision-making, technology dumming down our society, and religious differences. It’s a welcome change to have such diverse lyrical coverage.

One thing that I am particularly amped about is the artwork, design, and layout of the packing. The artwork of Will “Inkwolf” Towles is spectacular and definitely matches the intensity delivered by the band on the recording. The layout is cool, the use of the art works well throughout. Plus, I just think digipack cases are cool.

Bottom-line is this: if you’re a headbanging thrasher, old school metalhead, or a skateboardin’ punk then you should definitely pick this record up. It’s screams classic 80’s crossover, but it’s also modern enough to enthuse anyone into the current heavy metal scene.

7.5 / 10Michael
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7.5 / 10

7.5 / 10

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