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Rehashed out of Saskatoon are working at carrying the crossover torch into the next decade. While there are a few bands doing this a smaller few truly make it work in the recorded format. Rehashed have everything it takes to be up on top it's only up to the Power It Up Records debut to prove to the world that they can.

Starting fast and furious out of the gate opener "If It Ain't Broke....Break It" starts things out in style. Thrashing and trashing it's way along in about a minute and a half. The band seems incapable of looking back after this point going for speed almost the whole way through the record. In fact, it isn't until the last two songs that the band even bothers to cross the 2 minute threshold for the song lengths.

Few fans of crossover would find reason to complain when it comes to a band playing short songs. Unfortunately it allows the listener little ability to find hooks in the songs. The band has some gang chants and even some guitar leads. It just may be a bit tough to remember them once the record is through.

The recording is probably the biggest issue for the band. While the songs themselves aren't bad at all. The recording feels so thin that it could be passed on as a demo and most people wouldn't have trouble believing it. The guitar carry no weight in the mix the cymbals bleed into the mix and the bass is almost secondary.

to give a sense of full disclosure this band is truly something to behold in the live setting. They play with the rage and fury of their hardcore forefathers and that could make anyone take notice. The sad and somewhat maddening fact is that same ability to make people notice is almost completely absent here. Even if the songs were beefed up in the mixing and mastering process they would be much improved. Unfortunately we will have to wait until next time to see if these guys can live up to their promise.

6.2 / 10Jon E.
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6.2 / 10

6.2 / 10

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