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Rob Crow

Living Well

Rob Crow is everywhere. Just the sheer amount of the bands he has been in could take up the word quota for this review. To sum it up though he has been in such bands as Heavy Vegetable, Ladies, Goblin Cock, and most notably Pinback. This disc takes a lot from Pinback and even has resemblances to Pinback's 1999 debut album which also happens to be my favorite. Needless to say that makes me enjoy this album quite a bit. Rob manages to put all his quirkiness aside which he showcased in his "metal" band Goblin Cock or his collaboration with Hella drummer, Zach Hill, Ladies which finds Rob singing over spazzy and unsettling drumming. Instead Rob has written a very solid guitar based indie rock album with plenty of Rob's signature vocal melodies. If you are a fan of any Pinback material this will certainly hold you over until their new one this Fall. You might even find it to be a bit better than some of their last efforts.

8.6 / 10Shane
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8.6 / 10

8.6 / 10

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