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Say Goodbye isn't one of your run of the mill, "fast pissed off hardcore bands." These guys give something more that makes them stand out in the style of hardcore they play. This is the third release for Say Goodbye, and I was very excited to hear this record. But I had high expectations for this record since I liked the other releases very much. So I get this record in the mail and I look at the title of the record'Misanthropy. What the hell does this mean?? So I look it up in the dictionary and this is what I read:

mis-an-thrope [m-ss'n thrï 'p]
(plural mis-an-thropes) or mis-an-thro-pist [mi s-nthrəpist] (plural
mis-an-thropists) n

somebody who hates people: somebody who hates humankind in general, or dislikes and distrusts other people and tends to avoid their company

This is a great title for this band and for this release because Say Goodbye has always been known for being a band that hates just about everyone. From the first listen I'm thinking it's pretty sweet. It seemed as good as the other records but I tried to find something that made it stand out from the other releases this band has put out. After comparing this record to their LP I start to notice how much cleaner the vocals are, and after a few more listens I start catching on to how powerful the lyrics are. Misanthropy has very clever riffs, that stand out from other bands that play a similar style, great vocals, and very smart lyrics. The breakdowns of this record are good without having that "chugga chugga" style guitar riffs that I hate.

The best part of the record for me is the lyrics; they are very smart and well thought out. I even had to look up some of the words in the dictionary to find out the meaning. These lyrics get the point of the song across clearly and in a simple manner. Topics on this record are things everyone can relate to i.e. religion, personal strength, people losing sight of what hardcore is about, and of course being really pissed off. I recommend this record to anyone who has heard any Say Goodbye records (you won't be disappointed). If you haven't and you like fast hardcore, you won't be buying another mediocre record. This band is one of the most consistent bands in the scene without having songs that sound exactly the same.

7.5 / 10Clarke
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7.5 / 10

7.5 / 10

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