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Time to Change

Independent (2007) Michael

Sequoia – Time to Change cover artwork
Sequoia – Time to Change — Independent, 2007

The metropolis of Chicago, IL is home to many many artists. While listening to Sequoia, I found their sound to be somewhat fitting, but at the same time I could pick up influences that could easily place them elsewhere.

Time to Change is the band's second full-length and features ten songs at just over thirty minutes of music. The opening number is a stellar indie rock tune, which sounds not unlike Modest Mouse or Built to the Spill - the Norwest is one of those areas that came to mind while listening. The band picks things up with a bit more of a rock action on "Bite Your Tongue," there is a slight Hum vibe given off. Throughout the album the band dabbles with a mixture of the quirky indie/pop and college-rock sound, as it was dubbed back them. "Doormat" has some sweet riffings that reminded me of the early Minus the Bear material.

Time to Change was a pleasant surprise to have land at my doorstep. If you are seeking out some guitar-driven indie rock, then Sequoia would be a good group to look into. Also, the packaging of this is pretty sweet for an independent venture.

7.0 / 10Michael • February 14, 2008

Sequoia – Time to Change cover artwork
Sequoia – Time to Change — Independent, 2007

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