Set Your Goals

Eulogy (2006) Michael

Set Your Goals – Reset cover artwork
Set Your Goals – Reset — Eulogy, 2006

Deje vu. Nearly two years ago I was writing a review of the original release of this EP. I closed that review stating that the band could "either stay close to home and continue on as local sensations or keep pursuing their dreams and make the jump to the inevitable stardom that is within their grasp." They opted for the later - good choice. And as a result Reset is going to place them on that catapult to stardom and their debut full-length, Mutiny!, which is due out this Summer on Eulogy, is going to launch them to heights they never could've dreamed of.

For those who didn't catch them the first time around, Set Your Goals play upbeat melodic hardcore/pop-punk music that makes for excellent car/bedroom/wherever sing-alongs and exciting shows as well as providing the perfect soundtrack for every day - as everyday you listen to Set Your Goals is a perfect day. Whether it is the more hardcore oriented "How 'bout No, Scott?" or the pop-punk minded "Goonies Never Say Die!" and "Latch Key," Set Your Goals deliver the goods. That's what makes this EP so good; there is something for everyone. Whether you're an old-timer that craves new music in the vein of Lifetime and Gorilla Biscuits or the new-school kid that digs New Found Glory and Fall Out Boy, the music of Set Your Goals hits the spot.

One of the bonuses to this re-release is a cover of Jawbreaker's "Do You Still Hate Me?" This song is a perfect choice for Set Your Goals - the trade-off vocals work extremely well and it's obvious by their sound they've taken a lot of influence from the band. What's that? You've never heard Jawbreaker before? Don't tell anyone that you don't own Dear You and 24 Hour Revenge Therapy. Get off your ass and head down to your local record store and buy buy buy. Also tacked on to this release is a good amount of multimedia footage, which is a nice addition. It definitely shows you that the members of Set Your Goals enjoy being in this band as much as we enjoy listening to them.

You would think after two years that I would have tired of hearing these songs. But you are very wrong; Reset is just as fresh and enjoyable to listen to as it was the first time it graced by ears. And that says a lot, because staying power is something that gets tossed aside these days. People tend to geek out on something only to forget about it three months later. Even if the hoopla surrounding Set Your Goals comes and goes, I'll still be here singing along.

8.5 / 10Michael • April 14, 2006

Set Your Goals – Reset cover artwork
Set Your Goals – Reset — Eulogy, 2006

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