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Beyond the Permafrost

Skeletonwitch is the latest band from Ohio to make it to the big-time. These five dudes sport some silly names - Nate “N8 Feet Under” Garnette and Derrick “Mullet Chad” Nau for example - but the jokes end when they pick up their instruments. Beyond the Permafrost is twelve tracks of metal that’ll give even the most experienced Hessian a neck-ache.

Over the course of Beyond the Permafrost Skeletonwitch deliver a well-executed concoction of thrash and black metal. After self-releasing two EP’s, the band has crafted their skills and blaze through song after song. Cuts like “Upon Wings of Black,” “Limb from Limb,” and “Feast Upon Flesh” are prime examples of the bands skill and highlight their influences, which seem to range from Slayer to Venom to Iron Maiden.

Admittedly, this style of music is nothing new, so hearing it re-done for the umpteenth time can detract from its impact. Despite this, Skeletonwitch really do deliver an excellent soundtrack for anyone that just loves to air guitar and headbang.

7.0 / 10Michael
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7.0 / 10

7.0 / 10

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