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Nashville based Sol Cat independently released their first full length album on bandcamp in mid February. The indie and rock scene in Nashville is a well kept secret thanks to the city’s reputation for country music and being home of so many major labels, but you won’t find any country influences here. The nine track self-titled release is all chilled out, good vibes rock. The sound is simultaneously playful and laid back, and emanates an effortless type of cool rarely found in studio recordings. The group manages to put the perfect imagery to the atmosphere created by the music in the two music videos created for the tracks “Fishin’ With John” and “Dirty Glasses” (links below).

Straightforward and lighthearted lyrics don’t weigh heavy on the brain and playful instrumentals promote foot tapping and body moving. Brett Hammann’s vocals are delightfully balmy, as if he was recording in a 110 degree booth. This combined with Ryan Usher’s dynamic drum work throughout the album and lead guitarist Jaan Cohan’s chilled out guitar riffs make for a collectively coastal sounding album, despite being recorded in Nashville. Aaron Martin contributes on bass guitar, Johnny Fisher on guitar, and Jeremy Clark completes the group with keyboard and studio production. 

Sol Cat is among the front runners of fresh sounds coming out of Nashville. Their music has a way of convincing you that life isn’t all that difficult and you’re going to want to have this album bought and ready for the next sunny day you find yourself with fewer responsibilities than usual, offering sounds that are perfect for kicking back in a hammock with some lemonade and pretending you’re on vacation. Be sure to check them out if they come to a venue near you – they put on a great live show!

8.5 / 10Hayley
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8.5 / 10

8.5 / 10

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