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State Drugs

Takings and Leavings

This LP sounds like something that teleported here from my moody early-2000’s CD rack, which they acknowledge with their self-description of “grown-up punk”. The distorted chord progressions recall Sugarcult and Samiam while the grainy country-tinged vocals bring Gaslight Anthem to mind. The lyrical themes of alcohol and heartache nod to their influences as well, but the vocals lose their soul too low in the mix. With an extra-noodly lead guitar dancing up the neck, they hold the hands of their rock and punk influences, but their pop sensibilities shine through on a few stand-out tracks. The pop-rock “Lava Lamp” leads with a clean melancholic guitar intro before adding sharp staggered chords and a catchy singalong chorus of “I think I’m fucking losing it/ I think I’m fucking losing it.” I think State Drugs should keep leaning into this poppier side and add something special to distinguish themselves from the pack.

6.5 / 10Stephanie Thornton
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6.5 / 10

6.5 / 10

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