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S U R V I V E, the experimental synth quartet from Austin, rose to fame quite fast when it became known that two of its members contributed to the score of Stranger Things, a hit sci-fi/horror series on Netflix (just in case you have been living under a rock.) That information alone can give a fair insight on what the band's sound is about. Caught somewhere between IDM and horror movies, with a fair amount of '80s nostalgia, they have put out a number of releases, and they are making a return with their sophomore full-length RR7349.

To call their work cinematic is an understatement. Every twist and turn of the record has a scenery associated with it, coloring the tone and ambiance with different moods and feelings. Aspects as familiar as one's own apartments, settings as dark as a forrest at night and as unimaginable as the surface of another planet are explored in RR7349, as the band masterfully navigates through all.

It takes serious skill to be able to explore all these different aspects, especially in a setting where all you have as a medium is audio. But structuring a narrative that is concise and flowing is what really makes RR7349 work as a record. Sure, the '80s element is able to adapt wonderfully through the different themes, from the groove moments of “A.H.B” to the mysterious progression of “Wardenclyffe,” from exploring the horror themes of “Dirt,” with extravagant movements and piercing synths, to the heavenly trip produced through bizarre sonic manipulations in “Sorcerer,” but that would not be enough if there was not an overall concept and a skillful hand on the wheel. Everything has a purpose and a narrative, even the complete deconstruction that is brought on the table with the drone abyss of “Low Fog,” unearthing the full extent of this experimental world.

It is the structure that does it, and the narrative that S U R V I V E is constructing would be nothing if it was not for a well thought out plan of progression and expansion. The hopeful melodies and ominous tones, the exploration of darkness through unconventional means and the resulting emotions from all these adventures. It is through this cohesion that the narrative becomes so compelling, the journey through the dark and the unknown, reaching a final catharsis is what truly makes this work feel so vibrant and alive, a story taking place right in front of you.

7.8 / 10Spyros Stasis
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7.8 / 10

7.8 / 10

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