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Rough 2 EP

Different Grooves (2014) Edward

Tessela – Rough 2 EP cover artwork
Tessela – Rough 2 EP — Different Grooves, 2014

This drug influenced, euro-electronic laser beam, drum and bass can be very, VERY repetitive, Anxiety inducing, tough to listen to, and at times I felt like it was going to trigger a panic attack or an audible seizure.

An ‘80s pop-locking, track suit wearing dance crew wouldn't touch this album that brings no emotion or anything of value to the table. 

It does have a deep and complex upbeat sound, although I can't imagine it being played anywhere else except a rave. There's so much going on, it can be overwhelming at times. I felt like I was listening to two space ships shooting laser beams at each other in a low budget science fiction movie. It brings back memories of playing Vectorman and feels like I got stuck in a Sega Genesis. I'm not sure how many times Tessela tries to get away with, “oh, you think the song is over...? Well, it’s not,” an example being track 2 titled “Butchwax” that will stop dead for a couple of seconds mid-song; only to kick in heavier with, pretty much, the same beat.

Luckily this is a short EP and I wasn't forced to listen to it longer than I had to.

3.0 / 10Edward • July 22, 2014

Tessela – Rough 2 EP cover artwork
Tessela – Rough 2 EP — Different Grooves, 2014

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