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The Killer

Better Judged by Twelve than Carried by Six (Reissue)

If there is one hardcore band in Chicago that truly defines the conventions of "Chicago Hardcore," it is The Killer. The various musical backgrounds of each member leads to an interesting fusion of the heavier metalcore bands as well as Southern Rock, and even a bit of doom metal. Everything about this album is solid from the production to the songwriting itself. Undoubtedly, there is "tons of mosh" to be brought when The Killer play. Yet to the chagrin of Jason, you'll never see mule kicks at their shows, just pure wall to wall aggression.

Topics from addiction, self-failure, and the Catholic Church are covered in this album's short, brutal, and pissed off duration. The vocalist is absolutely livid and sincere with every word, and the vocals come through clear and menacing. The guitar work transitions from the heaviest Integrity-style riffing into an even heavier groove-laden Southern rock solo. The guitar work makes me want to smoke weed - and I'm Straight Edge - that's how good it is. When it finally ends with the sludgy outro of "The King Is Dead" a cathartic feeling sweeps over the listener when they realize this isn't just a mosh band. The Killer is a legitimate hardcore band that takes its influences to heart and executes its craft masterfully. More so, The Killer is Chicago's hardcore band, and I couldn't be more proud to have such an awesome band being representative of this scene.

9.0 / 10 — Evan B.

If Myspace, YouTube, and various messegeboards have shown me anything in 2006, it is that kids love to mosh. From videos of kids moshing in their bedroom, living rooms, classrooms, and even in the middle of the street, kids across America love throwing the fuck down. The problem is that the soundtrack they are wind-milling and spin-kicking to is complete garbage. I hear song after song of girl-panted eyeliner sissy boys whining about their ex-girlfriends while ripping off the worst of At the Gates and Throwdown.

Kids, I give you the new soundtrack to homestead annihilation, Better Judged by Twelve than Carried by Six from the Chicago hardcore band The Killer. Better Judged by Twelve than Carried by Six is no less than 13 tracks of metallic riffing, double bass pounding, angry in-your-face punishment by five dudes than couldn't even squeeze themselves into a pair of girl pants or even bother with the latest Revlon mascara. It's brutal. It's uncompromising. It's HARDcore. People must be killed in their pits. The Killer works best when they catch a groove and then break it down so the kids can have their fun. Sadly, there are points on this disc where they get overly metal and hit a snail's pace, which makes me reach for the "next track" button.

This is a reissue of Better Judged by Twelve than Carried by Six that includes four new songs which includes an unlistenable cover of Twisted Sister's "See You in Hell" as well as live show recorded in the early part of January 2006. Oh you better believe the mosh was had much to the singer's bemusement as during the second to last song he asks for everyone to move and he wants to see some people fucking HURT! Uh, fuck yeah dude.

So it seems that moshing is here to stay with us as I am constantly bombarded with dim-witted videos of kids acting like idiots drive by mule-kicking and floor punching. They might as well mosh to something angry and pissed off.

6.0 / 10 — Jason
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7.5 / 10

7.5 / 10

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