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When I first started to listen to this demo, I thought it sounded as if Motorhead had a side project that kind of sucked a little, but was still Motorhead, at least. Turns out, The Uncomfortables are more like if you mixed Soundgarden with something else that sucks and sucked it through a straw so you could have both Soundgarden and that awful slurping noise. Then, when you were done with your first container of suck, maybe you downed another one and crapped it all over western Massachusetts, where The Uncomfortables are from. Guys, seriously, what is this?

"Feeling Fine" is tolerable, but that's where it ends, and it's the first song on the demo. It has a relatively solid beat and sort of smells like something that once rocked. "Feeling Fine" is the reason I thought I was going to get the moderately bad version of Motorhead, and believe me; I was psyched about that because Motorhead is great. "Feeling Fine" is catchy, but not particularly innovative, with the feel of arena rock behind it. It is all downhill from there. This demo reveals itself to be eleven songs worth of that annoying "rock" sound that every band since Jet has appropriated mixed with the sound most bar bands have. This is the same kind of rock that The Kowalskis play, except none of it rocks and none of it is good. How many times can I repeat myself - this is awful. I suppose I could give some leeway since it is a demo and it will have to be worked on before anything can be officially released, but I'm not going to. I want to know why bands are wasting money putting out things like this, when they could save their money for lessons on how to play their instruments.

Actually, you have to give The Uncomfortables this - they sure can play their instruments. They aren't playing anything good, but they're playing it so clean and with such skill. I wouldn't buy their album, but I'd let them play my son's bar mitzvah...if I had a son...or if I were having a bar mitzvah. Well, hypothetically speaking I would let them play my son's bar mitzvah, and I bet my uncle Ronnie who just got out of rehab in Arizona would love it. He'd say, "that song 'More Than Two' reminds me of the time I got drunk in Tijuana and woke up with a lot of bruises and six Mexican prostitutes claiming I hadn't paid them. Man, those were the days. Pass the tequila and play that one again, boys."

The worst song on this demo is "Donna Reed". The song itself is annoying, it's at a place on the CD where you're just starting to realize that you hate what is coming out of your speakers, and what kind of title is "Donna Reed"? When The Means had that song "Charlize Theron," we loved it because (a) The Means are one of the greatest bands ever and (b) referencing a famous, but not too famous person is kind of funny. Especially if you love Charlize Theron like The Means love Charlize Theron. It would be like calling your song "Aisha Tyler" or "Tony Danza," both of whom I'd like to bury the bone in, if anyone asks. See? Funny. Calling your song "Donna Reed," however, is just trying too hard. Why not call your song "I Think I'm Cool, But Only Forty Year Olds and Gothabilly Sixteen Year Olds Give a Rat's Ass about Donna Reed"?
I don't know. Maybe I wouldn't know good music if it bit me on the ass, but speaking as someone who has been bitten on the ass many-a-time, let me tell you, it is not as uncomfortable as one might think.

4.0 / 10Robynn
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4.0 / 10

4.0 / 10

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