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Few of us lead the jet-set life, so when television and tabloid magazines glorify the lives of celebrities it often leaves us feeling ordinary and under whelmed. Could our lives be that anti-climatic?

Where does meaning lie in the routine? Is there anything extraordinary about everyday life? John K. Samson wouldn't answer the question straight; instead he'd tell you a story. By its conclusion you'd find yourself recalling the most generic moments of your life, awe-struck, only now understanding how profound they were.

Within the series of vignettes that make up The Weakerthans’ Reunion Tour we learn about the lives of a bus driver, a cat, a man who claims to have seen Big Foot, and a host of others, all told from the first person. On par with the tradition of modern fiction, Reunion Tour demonstrates that we learn the most about ourselves in the time between the best and worst days of our lives.

In 1997, fresh off the heels of Propaghandi, The Weakerthans' punk influence was unmistakable. Now, ten years later, it's almost non-existent. At the forefront of their sound are the hints of folk, country, and host of other influences. Yes, punk is still there, but at much softer volumes and melded together, creating their most beautiful songs to date. Each song is seamless, weaving together an immaculate portrait of mid-western life that Stegner himself would be moved by.

For those who miss Jets to Brazil or cannot stand the vocal stylings of The Mountain Goats, The Hold Steady, or The Decemberists, The Weakerthans are your answer, serving up intelligent pop music with a novel's worth of literary tropes.

9.2 / 10Scottie
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9.2 / 10

9.2 / 10

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