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La Batalla Sera Enterna

If there's nothing that I hate more is moshcore bands that feel it necessary for their mosh parts to have mosh parts over mosh parts. Ulitma Victima are from Mexico and sing (well bark) in Spanish. The last time I took a Spanish class was in the 10th grade so I have no clue what's going on here. I can tell you that Ultima Victima really love their mosh parts and musically they probably really love Terror and Donnybrook too. La Batalla Sera Enterna wouldn't be half bad of an EP if it weren't for over moshiness of it. Yeah, I'm making up words tonight. This EP is ridiculous with its mosh parts. I almost laughing at it with its earnest tough guy bravado straight down to picture of these gentlemen mean mugging the camera. Then I look at the cover art and completely lose it. This band could probably kick the crap out of me, but at least I would die laughing.

3.1 / 10Jason
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3.1 / 10

3.1 / 10

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