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Winnipeg's Under Pressure is a dirty 80’s sounding hardcore band with a dude singing like he's trying to hold in his bong hit for the longest time while gargling glass. Saying he sounds a little gruff is like saying the people that have smoked Pall Mall Non-Filters for thirty plus years are a little raspy. Musically, the band either goes at a quick one, two pace, comparable to hearing one of those toy monkey drummers trying to keep up with a speed metal band or Under Pressure hit a sludge like pace that is almost maddening to listen to with its complete drone and snail's pace drudgery. Under Pressure, however, is at their best when they go for a mid-pace assault that is fueled with catchy little guitar leads that even have a small and tasteful little guitar solo.

Needless to say, when Come Clean strays away from the petrol fueled speedy monotonous or the stuck in the slow soul sucking mire Under Pressure completely rips it up. Come Clean is a dirty nasty sounding hardcore album chock full of fist pumping angry anthems; it's thick and visceral and at the same time rocking and/or rolling. Come Clean is as punk in its attitude as the soundtrack for your local ballroom brawl. Get ready to fight for you life.

I wasn't familiar with Under Pressure before Come Clean arrived for review, even though I'm sure they have played some basement shows in the Twin Cities. I just thought of them as one of those Canadian punk bands that happen to play a lot of shows in basements Twin Cities. Under Pressure doesn't sound like that stereotype in any way shape or form. Come Clean is a precise hit in the solar plexus leaving you gasping for air and wanting to puke your guts out. And hopefully I will get see them play a water softener near me in the future.

7.3 / 10Jason
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7.3 / 10

7.3 / 10

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