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Wait in Vain was a band that featured ex-members of Trial and Champion who released a four-song demo back in 2005. A substantial buzz grew over this band and the band planned to release a full-length in 2006 with State of Mind Recordings. Sadly Wait in Vain ran into a problem that plagues many bands; they couldn't secure a drummer. Regrettably both the band and the album were shelved.

Hardcore is full of bands like Wait in Vain. They were composed of members of great bands, they put out a great demo and then nothing more comes out of it for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, if the demo were any indication of what the album would have been, it would have been probably one of the greatest albums of 2006. Imagine an album packed with chugga chugga riffing of Trial matched with the speed and urgency of Champion and you get just a small taste of what Wait in Vain could bring to the plate.

Timm McIntosh's vocals range from a shouted marbled mouth mumble to a full on pissed off rage without being unintelligible or hackneyed. Lyrically, Wait in Vain covers topics of finding a commonplace within hardcore, questioning a religious upbringing, and falling out of love. They are presented in a personal way that could touch many without the lyrics feeling cliche or overused. The constant questioning, the struggle within oneself, and the world around them is always makes for great hardcore when done correctly and Wait in Vain hit all the right buttons and pulls all the correct heartstrings.

I wish Wait in Vain would have released that album. I don't blame them; I've been in a few short-lived bands myself that couldn't keep members around even if we promised them endless riches and 47 virgins at the gates of hardcore heaven. I'm content to have these four tracks on this professional sounding demo. Wait in Vain gave us a resounding piece of hardcore filled with everything I think makes hardcore great. The guitars are forceful yet melodic. The tempo is fast and unwavering but also knows exactly when to tone it down a bit to hit a decent stride so one could mosh if needed. Wait in Vain is angry but not overbearing. It's personal but not reclusive. It's heavy yet at times harmonious. It's just awesome. Damn, Wait in Vain what could been? I guess we will never know.

[Editor's Note: According to an update a couple of weeks ago, the band has secured a temporary drummer and are writing/playing shows again. McIntosh had this to say: "Wait in Vain is on the move again, slowly but surely, we're out of limbo."]

9.0 / 10Jason
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9.0 / 10

9.0 / 10

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