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Where Fear and Weapons Meet

Eulogy (2003) — Sean, Shane, Zed

Where Fear and Weapons Meet – Control cover artwork
Where Fear and Weapons Meet – Control — Eulogy, 2003

This 6 song EP is nothing to start a big hoopla over. Sounds like basic, run of the mill hardcore to me. There is probably a little local band in your scene that does hardcore just as well. If you're a hardcore kid, you'll probably like this, if you're not, you probably won't.

I enjoy this record. Coming in fully expecting some new metal-core band, I was surprised with some old school style hardcore. This reminds me of being in high school and fucking ripping up the ole' skate spots years ago. This shit is just fun hardcore. Boasting some ex bands you wouldn't picture to play this music (Against All Authority and Keepsake?! Are you kidding me?!), this is for people who like NY style hardcore such as Sick of It All, who you can draw the biggest comparison to. If you like non flashy hardcore, check this CD out. I am going back to find their older releases myself.

When people first get into hardcore, they say it all sounds the same. This is understandable, because a lot of it sounds the same. In this case, we are subjected to music that doesn't really have it's own sound. The music reminds me of Sick Of It All and punk rock hardcore straight up with a lack of mosh breakdowns. If you are just getting into hardcore or punk, this isn't a good start. But if you are an enjoyer of punk and/or hardcore, you will be an enjoyer of this. It's not that this isn't good, it's just that there's better stuff that I would suggest checking out, such as the new Suicide File release. I also wanted to point out that the singer's vocals remind me of Scissorhands'.

6.0 / 10Zed

Where Fear and Weapons Meet – Control cover artwork
Where Fear and Weapons Meet – Control — Eulogy, 2003

Average score across three writers

6.0 / 10 — Sean, Shane, Zed • February 25, 2004

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