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Misery Never Forgets

With a name like Wristmeetrazor could assume what you would be getting with this record before heading in and pressing play. While you may not be entirely wrong you would most certainly be partially wrong at best. While you could assume the record treads in emotionally raw lyrics and you would be correct but to also assume there is a ton of whining and poor me sentiments or cribbed early 2000's mall emo riffs you would be incredibly wrong.

The easiest way to describe what this record is musically you could start with the destructive riffing and tempos of Botch, the screamo style of Hot Cross and a true love of the darkest corners of The Cure lyrically. I'm sure this sounds absolutely messy on paper but what happens when put together is a 20 minute blast of emotion. While that may sound cliche it is a complete estimation of what is presented on this record. 

The first 3 tracks follow the more Botch style side of their work. "Loathsome" runs hard and fast with brutal tempo changes and pained screams and continues up until track 4. "Come on in,The Water's Pink" adds in a stronger sense of melody and builds on using alternate sounds to give the listener a break but also build a new layer to the whole package. Through the back half of record the band uses this to their advantage. From clean guitars to traded off melodic and screamed vocals the true Hot Cross influence rears it's head. This broadens the bands sound and gives a fuller picture of the bands' intent.

What comes out in the wash is a strong debut of something that, as a sound, is at once familiar but also somewhat new. No one that listens could possibly doubt the sincerity of what is presented here. Given that there is somewhat of a "revival" of the original early screamo sound it bodes well for a band such as Wristmeetrazor that they can certainly stand on their own. This full length bodes well for the band as it offers insight to a young band that has a strong idea of their sound but certainly has room to grow as well.

8.3 / 10Jon E.
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8.3 / 10

8.3 / 10

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