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Zhenia Golov

Zhenia Golov

Zhenia Golov hail from the hardcore factory that is New Brunswick, NJ. I won’t bore you with a list of notables that have already made it big, just know that there are a lot of them.

Zhenia Golov plays aggressive and raw hardcore punk with a bit of influence from the d-beat world as well. They’ve got the speed and chaos of the hardcore world but also incorporate a heaviness that transcends boundaries. The closest comparisons that come to mind are Paint it Black and From Ashes Rise - raw, fast, and in your face.

Zhenia Golov rip through six songs on this self-titled 7”. Each one provides for a bit of a commentary on society, but at the same time interjects it with sarcasm. A good debut offering.

6.5 / 10Michael
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6.5 / 10

6.5 / 10

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