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This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Modern Life Is War, Defiance, Ohio, Meneguar, Woods, Any punk or hardcore band from DC

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Gifts From Enola

From Fathoms
The Mylene Sheath (2009)

Post-rock has predictably reached its stage of full saturation, becoming the self-loathing cliché that wasn't hard to see coming. Bands are unfairly and mockingly compared to Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, and This Will Destroy You, whose stranglehold over the genre have made them a benchmark for those that follow suit and a constant reminder of the jadedness of the … Read more


When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold
Rhymesayers (2008)

While When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold brings Ant and Slug closer to full-blown mainstream success, it's an album that's not really about either of them. Rather, it's about those that possibly buy their albums, those that struggle to make it through the day, no real future in sight given their conditions. While Ant brings to … Read more


Lovitt (2008)

It's pretty ridiculous to look back on the career of Pg.99 and sort through all the bands that came out of their existence and their ever-rotating members. While many were short lived or are defunct, there are handfuls that still are actively playing. One of these is Haram, with Mike Taylor and Kevin Longendyke moving on from Pg.99 to conqueror … Read more

Austin Lucas

Putting the Hammer Down
Magic Bullet (2008)

To be completely honest, I know more about Austin Lucas than I do about his current residence in The Czech Republic, which doesn't attest too much besides my ignorance of The Czech Republic. I know Lucas was born in the United States and moved, has played in crust and grind bands, and has worked with Chuck Ragan. Not necessarily the … Read more

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Exotic Fever Records

Interviews • October 16, 2010

When we look back on the 80's and 90's of the DC scene, we think of labels like Dischord and Simple Machines, labels that were so vital in documenting the bands and ideas that came from one of the country's most important cities, musically and politically. Twenty years from now, we will look back on DC, and Exotic Fever Records … Read more

The Summer We Went West

Interviews • October 16, 2010

I saw The Summer We Went West a few weeks ago in a very hot, very sweaty, basement that had some of the coolest painted walls ever. The band prank called my friend, bummed copious amounts of cigaretts off me, basically gave their merch table to me, and Erik gave me one of the sweatiest hugs ever. It was at … Read more

The Jazz June

Interviews • October 16, 2010

When you think of mid-90's emo bands, names like Braid and The Get Up Kids come to mind. Along with these bands, The Jazz June has to pop into your head. After forming in 1996 and releasing numerous records, the band broke up after 2001's Better Off Without Air. Members went on to form other bands, and it seemed as … Read more

Daniel Danger

Interviews • October 16, 2010

From the intricate and beautiful Led Zeppelin LPs of yesterday to some of the more forgettable album covers of the day, art and music will forever be bound in matrimony - for better or for worse. Bad album artwork can bring down a good release, and can make a bad release that much worse. Likewise, it is usually the case … Read more

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The return of the blog

Posted by Cory • April 23, 2008

I was yelled at again for writing this, and since I am applying for a job at a local newspaper, I don't really want this hanging over my head.  Sorry SPB. Read more

I'm deleting my blogs because

Posted by Cory • February 2, 2008

They could make me look not so good to certain people.  Nobody read them anyways. Read more