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Dennis's latest post – August 3, 2021

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This Charming Man Records (2021)

The second record of German band Hysterese is a record I own and play quite frequently. To me it is one of those strange records that you enjoy a lot, but didn’t invite you to delve into their past or actively follow the band. Until now. As I saw the band name pop up in the heap of promos I … Read more


Back To The City
White Russian Records (2021)

Somehow it seems to me that Travoltas released Until We Hit The Shore only last year or perhaps the year before. But nooooo, it’s been four years already. That record is still on heavy rotation here, especially when the weather is sunny and the temperature is high (but not too hot). So I was so happy to hear a new EP by … Read more

Various Artists

Ink Bomb - No Breakfast Goodbye - split
Horn & Hoof Records/Dental Records/Concrete Head Entertainment (2021)

Two Dutch punk groups decided to join forces. 2020 saw their dreams of playing live go up in smoke. What to do instead? Write new music! Both bands bring three tracks to the table. Ink Bomb is the most experienced band of the two with an EP and full length under their belt. In my review of that full-length album I compared … Read more

Van Dammes

Finally There EP
Rockstar Records (2021)

Finlands Van Dammes release their fifth EP with Finally There. This time it is kind of special. This EP celebrates the first time Finlands football team can join the European Championship. Congratulations with that achievement, Finland!I really do hope your team will fare better than Van Dammes on this EP. The three garage punk tracks lack ideas and hooks. I do enjoy simple … Read more

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Table Talk #5 – Formats, Genres and Doom

Music / Table Talk • March 16, 2021

Just a question for you lot: what carrier do you prefer for your music? Personally, I still highly prefer to own physical products. I am old school in that sense. I don’t really have a preference for vinyl or cds. And while I am telling you this it crosses my mind that 90 percent of my hardcore and punk collection … Read more

Table Talk #4 – The Healing Quality of Music

Music / Table Talk • November 14, 2020

As we (in Europe) have entered the second wave of Corona infections and life is getting more and more restricted I have to admit I feel a bit down. One day I am more affected than the other, but it is something that is on my mind a lot. I find solace in rereading books on stoic philosophy. I am … Read more

Table Talk #3 – The Positive Things in Life

Music / Table Talk • August 6, 2020

There we are again, back for another round. I don’t know how you are doing, but I am trying to focus on the positive things in life. The fact that it is summer does really help. I mean, a bit of sunshine can really brighten up your day, doesn’t it? Summer record of the year? Every summer I have this … Read more

Table Talk #2 – The state of the music business

Music / Table Talk • May 3, 2020

Discussing the state of the music business at the kitchen table Welcome back to my kitchen table. Especially welcome in these strange times. I need some distraction to steer my mind away from thoughts that turn dark in an instant. Working from home full-time means I’m spending way too much time at this table. Perhaps I should reclaim my home … Read more

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A Carvels Christmas

Posted in MP3s on December 20, 2020

The Carvels NYC might not be enjoying the fact that playing live in 2020 was not possible. However, you will not hear any complaints from my side when it means they are this productive. Earlier this year they made the best of the situation releasing their debut full-length. And now … Read more