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I\'m Dutch. Hurrah!

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Blackfield II
Atlantic (2007)

Blackfield is the collaboration between Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree fame and Israeli rocker Aviv Geffen. Blackfield I was released in 2004 to much critical acclaim and now the men are back with the rather originally named Blackfield II. You can say much about these guys, but the titles of their albums are at least straight to the point. Like … Read more

A Swarm of the Sun

The King of Everything
Independent (2007)

A Swarm of the Sun delivers with The King of Everything a dark, brooding EP that sounds as if the chasms of hell have opened or, better said, are about to open. If one expects the chasms of hell to be filled with power metal and/or gay metal like Manowar; then one is wrong. The King of Everything is subtle, … Read more


Independent (2007)

Some of the most memorable albums were created in the strangest fashion, The Doors' L.A. Woman comes to mind. Although not exactly a legendary album, the same goes for Crayven's debut EP Colosseum. Guitar and bass were recorded straight to the computer, vocals in the studio of a local radio station and the drums into a mic before going into … Read more

Jesse Malin

Glitter in the Gutter
Adeline (2007)

It has been a long time since I've heard a pretty singer-songwriter record reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison's less folk-based records. Behind these legends there lies a giant gap of singer-songwriters varying from reasonably known to cult artists. Jesse Malin's third solo record, Glitter in the Gutter, is a good record for all who like this kind of … Read more

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Interviews • October 16, 2010

108 reformed two years ago following an extended break-up that saw the band's vocalist head to India, where he became a monk to further his studies of the Krishna Consciousness. Earlier this year, the band delivered A New Beat From a Dead Heart, their first album of new material in a decade. Scene Point Blank recently caught up with the … Read more