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First Concert: Ozzy Ozbourne / Motley Crue, March 23, 1984.

Favorite bands

Ramones, Tom Waits, Fantômas, Celtic Frost, Marduk, Foetus, Hank III, John Zorn, Secret Chiefs 3, The Mars Volta, Headstones, Diamanda Galás, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Mastodon, The Pogues, Hayden, John Coltrane, Foo Fighters, Those Poor<

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Satanic Planet

Satanic Planet
Three One G (2021)

Justin Pearson has a lot of irons in the hellfire. If he isn’t playing with any number of his musical projects - The Locust, Dead Cross, Planet B, Retox and others, he’s tirelessly working behind the scenes as founder of Three One G, an aggressively independent record label dedicated to bringing bands to the masses that would otherwise have fallen … Read more

War On Women

Wonderful Hell
Bridge Nine (2020)

I owe War On Women an apology. This review was due months ago, but some shit circumstances came about and an unplanned hiatus was from Scene Point Blank was needed. The band deserved far better and I very much regret that I wasn’t around to give them the lauds and love upon Wonderful Hell’s release because had I been around … Read more

Mr. Bungle

The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny
Ipecac (2020)

When Mr. Bungle announced their first shows in nearly 20 years last August, fans worldwide rejoiced that their beloved Bungle had finally awoken after laying dormant for almost 20 years.But just like their 3 full-length albums, nothing is ever predictable, and details soon emerged that this would not be the funhouse Mr. Bungle of the self-titled album. Nor would it … Read more

King Buzzo w/ Trevor Dunn

Gift of Sacrifice
Ipecac (2020)

Simon and Garfunkel.Seals and Crofts.Hall and Oates.Captain and Tennille.Some artists just go together. Sure, they might make music on their own. But once they find their “other”, their “person” - you never want to hear them with anyone else.Such is the case the case with Buzz Osbourne and Trevor Dunn. So long Melvins and Fantômas. So long Mr. Bungle and … Read more

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Ipecac Recordings 20th Anniversary

Music • November 24, 2019

In the 20 years since Ipecac Records spewed its way into the public consciousness, it has achieved the impossible. It has continued to make money for its artists and the label itself without sacrificing its mission or values, remaining quite possibly the most consistent label in terms of quality releases in recent memory. So where did it all begin? Greg … Read more

Ipecac Recordings

Interviews • October 16, 2010

When it comes to record labels, what do you think about? Corporate greed? Artist manipulation? Spoonfed demographics? You cynical fucks. Not everybody's out to fleece the masses. Sure, there's lots of independent labels out there that focus on the music, not the money, but while they might have the heart, you know what so many of them lack? The talent. … Read more

Music History: Beginner's Blues (I)

Music • October 16, 2010

PART I: Beginner's Blues In the beginning... There was silence. For the first seven years of my existence, silence. Then one day, a strange thing happened. I began to notice sounds coming up through the furnace vent into my bedroom. Using my powers of deduction that Frank and Joe Hardy had taught me, I surmised that the sounds were coming … Read more

Music History: I Was A Teenage Headbanger (II)

Music • October 16, 2010

PART II: I Was A Teenage Headbanger When I bought Number of the Beast, I immediately knew it would make an excellent addition to my collection. Why? Cuz the cover was so friggin cool, that's why. You see, Eddie ruled over the Devil, and the Devil ruled over the people. It worked on so many different levels! My older Ritchie … Read more

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The Locust Swarm Colorado

Posted by Kevin Fitzpatrick • November 4, 2019

There are few bands that are as hard to categorize as The Locust, so I won’t even try. About the closest approximation I can give, is it’s like taking Ritalin before an important calculus exam and getting beaten with a sock full of quarters on the way to class. But … Read more

MC5 Bring The Ruckus to Denver

Posted by Kevin Fitzpatrick • October 22, 2018

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the release of what many consider to be the first proto-punk album in history, Kick Out The Jams. While this may or not be accurate, it was an album unlike anything that came before, and this band from Ann Arbour, Michigan began an aggressive … Read more

Smashing Pumpkins Bring The Light To Denver

Posted by Kevin Fitzpatrick • September 10, 2018

It’s been almost two decades since Billy Corgan, James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlain shared a stage together, and while not a full and complete reunion without bassist D’arcy Wretsky, Denver came out in droves with love and support for Corgan and Co. for the Shiny and Oh So Bright tour. … Read more

Stone Temple Pilots Bring The Rock To Boulder

Posted by Kevin Fitzpatrick • June 4, 2018

At the time tickets went on sale for Stone Temple Pilots’ latest tour, it was unclear initially how many folks were going to be interested in seeing the band with their new vocalist Jeff Gutt. What quickly became apparent, as shows started selling about across the country including their stop … Read more

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Faith No More's Long Awaited Sol Invictus Now Streaming

Posted in Bands on May 11, 2015

Faith No More's first album in 18 years is now available for streaming one week ahead of it's official release. Links can be found below. In The United States via NPR: Click Here In Canada via Exclaim! Click Here Read more

Faith No More Drops Sol Invictus May 19th

Posted in Records on February 10, 2015

Sol Invictus, Faith No More’s highly anticipated follow-up to Album of the Year, arrives on May 19 via Reclamation Recordings/Ipecac Recordings. “What I can say is that I think through our experience as musicians over the years, I think what we're doing reflects where we've gone since we made our … Read more

That Metal Show Season premiere debuts to record ratings

Posted in TV on June 10, 2013

SEASON 12 PREMIERE OF “THAT METAL SHOW” IS VH1 CLASSIC’S HIGHEST RATED TELECAST OF 2013 TO DATE   The hard rock/heavy metal community has spoken! VH1 Classic’s centerpiece in original programming “That Metal Show” debuted the latest season to record numbers for 2013.  The Season 12 premiere aired on Saturday … Read more

Legendary Danzig/Social Distortion Drummer Chuck Biscuits Loses Battle With Throat Cancer

Posted in Obituaries on October 29, 2009

James Greene Jr., a freelance music writer from New York has reported that drummer Chuck Biscuits has died, losing his battle with cancer on October 24th, 2009 . Greene recieved an e-mail from an anonymous family member this morning stating “In response to the inquires, thank you for all the … Read more