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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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Spanish Love Songs - Brave Faces Everyone album cover

Spanish Love Songs

Brave Faces Everyone, 2020

7.7 / 10

I’ve known of Spanish Love Songs for a few years and I’ve liked what I heard in passing without diving in. When I saw them at Fest 18 last year ...

Spells - Stimulants & Sedatives album cover


Stimulants & Sedatives, 2020

7.5 / 10

Spells are party punk, pure and simple. And I’m not talking songs about beer and friendship, a la early Pkew Pkew Pkew or Andrew WK. Spells are the life of ...

Worriers - You or Someone You Know album cover


You or Someone You Know, 2020

7.9 / 10

If it weren’t for playing in a certain scene, Worriers would likely be branded as a pop band instead of punk. The band is DIY all the way, with a ...

Drakulas - Terminal Amusements album cover


Terminal Amusements, 2020

7.4 / 10

Pre-album press releases for the latest Drakulas album pushed the “art-punk” label. Based on Drakulas’ earlier work, I got it – but I also thought it was a little bit ...

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One Question Interviews Green/Blue

Posted June 3, 2020, 9 p.m.
What's That Noise?

Jim Blaha (Green/Blue) SPB: What guitar model do you play with Green/Blue, and how did you choose that one for this project? Blaha: I play a fender telecaster ...

Bleach Everything

One Question Interviews Bleach Everything

Posted June 2, 2020, 5:47 p.m.

Brent Eyestone (Bleach Everything) SPB: What are the best things somebody can do when hosting a touring band at their house for the night?  Eyestone: I think we're all ...

Pirates Press

One Question Interviews Pirates Press

Posted May 27, 2020, 6:50 p.m.
What's That Noise?

Skippy (Pirates Press – owner) SPB: When pressing a record, what element is the most important to making sure the record gets the best quality sound? (Is there a specific step ...

Adult Magic

One Question Interviews Adult Magic

Posted May 22, 2020, 9:50 p.m.

Mike Bruno (Adult Magic, Iron Chic, Dead Broke Rekerds) SPB: What is your favorite 1960s artist? Mike Bruno: My personal favorite ‘60s artist is definitely the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Jimi ...

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SPB exclusive: Holler House and Busey split EP stream

Records SPB exclusive: Holler House and Busey split EP stream

Scene Point Blank is excited to share a new split EP between Holler House and Busey, out today on all formats. Both Minneapolis-based bands play noisey post-punk influenced tunes, but ...

Speaking of the EP’s origins, we’ll turn the mic over to a member of each band:
Alan Erbach from Holler House: 

Holler House first met Busey at the late Triple Rock Social Club, where Dan from Busey was one of the sound engineers. We played some of our earliest shows as Holler House to basically no one on weekday nights. Shit always sounded so good. We probably went back-and-forth with Dan on getting show with Busey for months, because dad-time made it hard to schedule things. But when we finally shared a bill with them at the late Grumpy's downtown a few winters ago, our jaws dropped.
Busey hit the hell out of their set, in a way we hadn't seen in town for a while. It was super fun to play next to that rawness and aggression. It was so refreshing. So when they asked us to hop on a bill in Winona the next week, we quickly obliged. After several more shows with them in-and-out of town made this quite an easy choice to release music together. I don't know, maybe Busey remembers it differently.
I wouldn't say that we picked songs that would pair well with Busey, but we definitely recorded our the hardest, most politically- and socially-driven songs we've ever written. It made more sense that it be coupled with a band that shared the same energy. But in short, it's just fun to release music with your friends. We're writing music differently (read: slower), and we're kind of digging this format to create physical releases at our own pace with like-minded musicians and humans.

Dan Berndt from Busey:

Yeah, I remember watching Holler House for the first time while running sound at the Triple Rock. Blown away. I think I bugged them about their amps and short-changed them for a copy of Lodge. For some reason, I left with the impression I might’ve rubbed them the wrong way (in hindsight was all in my head) and was actually a little embarrassed to ask them to do a show with Busey. 
A few months later Busey opened a show at Amsterdam with Lutheran Heat [Garth Blomberg from Holler House's other band]. Garth approached us after the show and to my relief at the time we started talking about setting up a show with Holler House at some point. Took a few months but finally got one set up during our residency at the late Grumpy’s Bar in downtown MPLS. Just felt right. One of those shows where as you’re watching the other band you’re thinking, “These people get it.” We brought them to Ed’s NoName in Winona the following week and they brought us to the Aquarium in Fargo about a month after that. We shared a lot of each other’s gear (mostly, we borrowed their stuff) and there was definitely this feeling of camaraderie. 
We shared some more bills in town and regionally and after we played this bar in Marshfield, WI called Goodfella’s I think they approached us with the idea. We were into it immediately. It's always felt like we’ve been brothers cut from the same sonic cloth. We live in the same house but take different ways home. I feel like they have a more focused and calculated approach. Very cutting, smart, and intentional. Amazing songwriting. Whereas I’ve always felt Busey’s approach is more like putting your thumb on the end of a hose and trying not to lose control of the flow. But in the end our themes, drive, and overall outlook I think mesh really well. There is definitely a special kind if electricity in the air at a Holler House / Busey show. 
On the split, we definitely wanted to put our best foot forward knowing Holler House was going to be throwing down as well. We knew we wanted to record "Yellow Tale" without a doubt. We chose "Lazy Sunday" because we wanted to challenge ourselves a bit as it's a little different than our norm, and to be totally honest because it’s in a different key than "Yellow Tale" and for some reason A-flat is a common key for Busey songs. 

photo by Alan Erbach

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New political hardcore from Last Gasp

Records New political hardcore from Last Gasp

Posted June 4, 2020, 8:18 p.m.

Cleveland's Last Gasp released a new EP today titled Second Wave. The EP was written and recorded during quarantine and takes on appropriate topics for that timing. Additionally, the ...


The EP can be purchased via bandcamp.

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Limited edition Deaf Club 7-inch

Records Limited edition Deaf Club 7-inch

Posted June 3, 2020, 7:46 p.m.

Three One G sent out a blast today announcing a 200-print editition of Contemporary Sickness 7" by Deaf Club. The new pressing was intended for a West Coast tour that ...

NOFX and Frank Turner covers EP

Records NOFX and Frank Turner covers EP

Posted June 1, 2020, 7:59 p.m.

Fat Wreck Chords announced a new split covers EP today, where NOFX and Frank Turner cover five songs by each other. Titled West Coast Vs. Wessex, it releases officially on ...

West Coast Vs. Wessex track listing:
1.Substitute2. Worse Things Happen At Sea3. Thatcher Fucked The Kids4. Ballad Of Me And My Friends5. Glory Hallelujah6. Scavenger Type7. Bob8. Eat The Meek9. Perfect Government10. Falling In Love

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Dillinger Four 25th anniversary @ First Avenue

Posted Dec. 15, 2019, 12:28 p.m. by Loren

Dillinger Four 25th anniversary show @ First Avenue Dillinger Four, Pegboy, The Brokedowns, Partial Traces First Avenue Minneapolis, MN December 14, 2019 I would never call Dillinger Four a soft-spoken ...

The Hold Steady @ SurlyFest

Posted Oct. 18, 2018, 9:45 p.m. by Loren

SurlyFest 2018 The Hold Steady, Bad Bad Hats, Mixed Blood Majority, Static Panic, Rachel Kurtz, DJ Shannon Blowtorch Festival Field (Surly Brewing Company) Minneapolis, MN October 13, 2018   SurlyFest ...

Surly Darkness Day 2018 (Saturday)

Posted Oct. 9, 2018, 9:12 p.m. by Loren

Angerot, God Came From Space, Off With Their Heads, Khemmis, Murder City Devils, Carcass Somerset Amphitheater Somerset, WI September 29, 2018   Photo gallery below

Triple Rock - Last Show Ever

Posted Nov. 22, 2017, 7:28 p.m. by Loren

Dillinger Four, Negative Approach, Kitten Forever, Victory, The Slow Death Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis, MN November 22, 2017 I usually try to keep show reviews to the point: Here’s ...

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