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Brief Answers to the Big Questions book review

Posted Jan. 30, 2021, 11:36 a.m. by T

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Brief Answers to the Big Questions

Stephen Hawking

Hachette Publishing


Stephen Hawking’s contributions are not merely limited to physics and cosmology but he had always something meaningful to contribute to current affairs, especially when asked questions that were thrown at him during public appearances.

His legacy in the scientific realm will live on forever and even after his departure, posthumous research papers were published, which encapsulated his contributions about the complexity of the universe and the paradox of creation not having a creator.

His legacy will also live on in popular culture as he has been immortalized via guest appearances in The Simpsons and Star Trek, entering the horizon of an audience that under normal circumstances might have not become overly familiar with his work.

Brief Answers to the Big Questions is an easily accessible book that was completed for Hawking after he died. In essence, the title is a telling one as Hawking elaborates his theories in a poignant, engaging and effortless manner, peppered with his trademark wit and humour.

Parts of the book touch on elaborations that were originally geared towards an academic audience as part of his lectures and have been translated into a dictus that makes it relatable to mere mortals.

Written from a first-person angle, Hawking’s spirit and insights from his life’s work and it adds another facet to his immense legacy – one that allows him to posthumously address ten of the questions all of us have pondered at such stage.

During his exchanges with the general public, Hawking’s mission was to spark curiosity and to cement the notion that however difficult life may seem, key is to not give up and be creative to shape the future. Brief Answers to the Big Questions does exactly that in the most enjoyable manner,

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