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T's latest post – July 29, 2021

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Hangman’s Hymnal

Small News Travels Fast in a Bad Town
Snappy Little Numbers (2020)

Hangman’s Hymnal is a nice addition to the Snappy Little Numbers roster and every bit as archaic as the title suggests. With a Wild West vibe pervading the songs, they manage to evoke mental images of them holding court in a saloon to perform their seasoned murder folk to a bunch of buzzed delinquents as part of a debaucherous hootenanny … Read more

Jiffy Marx

She’s My Witch / Warning Sign
Snappy Little Numbers (2020)

Jiffy Marx' She’s My Witch / Warning Sign 7″ does not only look like a 45er from the late seventies, but sonically delivers exactly that, i.e. two snappy lil’ pop punk numbers with the band firing on all cylinders. A snappy, fun 7” recorded in a bit more than a day, and sonically an homage and celebration the jangly pop punk … Read more

Stella Research Committee

A Proposed Method for Determining Sanding Fitness
Independent (2021)

Labels like Amphetamine Reptile and Skin Graft Records and the “now wave” and noise rock avalanche they launched has served as an immense source of inspiration for a myriad of bands. Listening to Stella Research Committee’s fifth LP, they do not only seem to be overly familiar with the output of the aforementioned label rosters, but have channelled those influences … Read more


Don’t Worry About It
Snappy Little Numbers (2020)

It’s fantastic to still see label holding up the torch when it comes to being dedicated to the fine art of the analogue format, partly because of its sonic superiority, partly as a reminiscence to a time where it was de rigour.Snappy Little Numbers is a label that keeps pumping out quality releases, lovingly illustrated with attention to detail and … Read more

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Interviews • November 14, 2020

Luxembourg has always been a country that has tried to reinvent its own future, not unlike Rome, a sovereign act that is based in the landlocked country which has not only reinvigorated what is commonly and generically referred to as "neofolk," but has never ceased to reinvent itself with each and every incarnation -- be it in a live environment … Read more


Interviews • January 27, 2020

Prior to Laibach's incarnation on terra australis, which saw them performing their idiosyncratic take on The Sound of Music, we had the chance to catch up with bandleader and main songwriter Ivan Novak… Scene Point Blank: Is the ambiguity of Laibach’s oeuvre constructive in exposing the neurosis of our times, i.e. recipients’ inability to tolerate the complexity of when extremes … Read more

Dark Mofo Festival 2019

Music • July 2, 2019

In its seventh year, it should by now be firmly established that the annual Dark Mofo Festival is hard to rival when it comes to pushing the envelope in every conceivable way – be it in terms of the calibre of eclectic acts, the NASA-like attention to detail, the curation, its idiosyncratic DNA and the oxygenated blood that is infused … Read more

Hip-Hop vs Punk

Regular Columns / era vulgaris • May 26, 2019

Hmmm, anti-authoritarian views and addressing social concerns and issues related to the government and public affairs? Tick! DIY ethic? Tick! Attire that deliberately deviates from society’s norms? Tick! Rebellion against watered down arena rock and disco? Having started off as a subculture that eventually became absorbed by the mainstream? So far for the commonalities. Musically, differences are obvious, however, it … Read more

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Reckless Brewing and Moo Brew’s Gin Boilermaker

Posted by T • July 29, 2021

Thus Let Us Drink Beer – Reckless Brewing and Moo Brew’s Gin Boilermaker   Having honed and refined channelling her alchemy in the creation of craft beers, the quality of which has left an indelible mark on the firmament of Australian craft brews, Reckless Brewing’s co-founder Grace has and continue … Read more

Beethoven and Wagner vs Nietzsche

Posted by T • July 26, 2021

Beethoven: A life University of California Press   There is no shortage of books dedicated to the life of a composer whose legacy has never ceased to reverberate and impact music at large. Released to commemorate the two hundred fiftieth anniversary of his birth, what sets this biography apart in … Read more

Water of Life – Limeburners and Earp Distillery

Posted by T • July 25, 2021

Water of Life – Limeburners and Earp Distillery   Over the last ten years, Australia has firmly established itself on the map of nations that produce quality malt whiskies. Slowly but steadily, rye whiskies created on terra australis have been making a splash on the scene with quite a few … Read more

The Formative Years – Rugby and Canterbury

Posted by T • July 24, 2021

The Formative Years – Rugby and Canterbury I’ve covered the mecca that Washington DC proved to be as a hotbed for hardcore and punk as part of this series before, however, missed to shed light onto one of my favourite releases from the 1980s era, i.e. the vitally important split … Read more

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Secret Sounds Supper Club Series

Posted in Shows on June 6, 2021

Secret Sounds announced a new event series with the collaboration of an eclectic selection of iconic Australian musicians with both innovastors and stallwarts of the country's hospitalilty industry. As part of the Sydney Solstice festival, the events have each been themed and thought through by the respective performers and hospitality … Read more

John Butler Australia dates

Posted in Tours on May 7, 2021

After a long delay and obstactles from travel restrictions, et cetera,  John Butler, has officially announced the details of his forthcoming Australian tour, commencing this May and June. We look forward to covering john butler’s Sydnbey incarnation, which will draw on his vast catalogue spanning almost a quarter of a century. … Read more

Amy Shark Cry Forever 2021 album release and tour

Posted in Records on April 17, 2021

When it comes to events and live shows, Australia is in quite a fortunate position as we are slowly reverting back to a route towards pre-COVID times. As an example, singer-songwriter Amy Shark has announced that her CRY FOREVER national tour will commence in June/July, which will constitute one of the first arena … Read more

SPRING LOADED Festival is back on terra australis

Posted in Shows on March 15, 2021

After the phenomenal write-off that was 2020, Australia is in the enviable position to recommence live shows and festivals: Paying homage to Australia’s iconic Big Day Out and Homebake festivals, Spring Loaded will incarnate across the country with nine instalments and a lineup comprised of the country’s most celebrated independent … Read more