Blogpost: The Formative Years – The Pushead 100

Posted by T • November 22, 2020

Posted by T • November 22, 2020

The Formative Years – The Pushead 100

Having just entered my teenage years and developed an insatiable appetite for hardcore punk, spurned by my discovery of The Exploited, which lured me in with their picture book looks, parole driven songs and artwork, I needed more.

Not having been inducted into the underground scene at large yet and with penpaling and the odd show in my neck of the woods being the only way to obtain more information, I was delighted to discover that as the clocks ticked over to seal the decade of cold war, a list emerged in Thrasher’s Puszone that was comprised of the must-have records punk and hardcore records that were released in the 1980s.

The fact that the man who penned it, i.e. Brian Schroeder, / Pushead, has actively coined and shaped the scene at large with his manifold contributions ranging from music, columns and most prominently his artwork, gave it enough credibility for me to perceive it as “definitive” (despite being touted as “unofficial”) and started my mission of investing my meagre allowance in a bid to track down and mail-order each of the records listed (or at least get a decent sounding recording through tape trading).

The more “slabs of raging mayhem” I tracked down, the more my efforts identified to get a hold of the exotic listings, which led to new contact and resulted in visits to new countries and other adventures.

Later on, the my personal must-have list grew as I started to incorporate all records that Burkhard Jaerisch rated with a 10 (given the highly subjective of the rating, there were quite a few misses in there, or shall we say, releases that I struggled to find significance in) in his punk / hardcore U.S. discography books FLEX, however, to this day, Pushead’s list is very much the core of my collection and one of the most reliable guides to what formed the essence of hardcore punk and helped to broaden my horizons.

While some of the listed records are and should be staples of any decent record collection, there are less known gems hidden in there and there is no excuse in the current day and age with every tone ever recorded at your fingertips, to not check out more obscure releases.

Here we go – below is Pushead’s Top 100 list of the 1980s, which was originally published in the March 1990 issue of Thrasher Magazine:


1. Discharge-Fight Back 7" EP, England 1980

2. S.S.Decontrol-Get It Away 12" EP, USA 1983

3. The Subhumans-Demolition War 7" EP, England 1981

4. Minor Threat-Filler 7" EP, USA 1981

5. Bad Brains-Roir Cassette, USA 1982

6. TSOL-Superficial Love 12" EP, USA 1981

7. Disorder-Complete Disorder 7" EP, England 1981

8. Rudimentary Peni-Rudimentay Peni 7" EP, England 1981

9. Jerry's Kids-Is This My World LP, USA 1983

10. Anti-Sect-In Darkness There Is No Choice LP, England 1983

11. Gism-Detestation 12" EP, Japan 1983

12. Faith/Void-Split LP, USA 1983

13. DYS-Brotherhood LP, USA 1983

14. Cockney Rejects-Greatest Hits Vol. 1 LP, England 1981

15. Flex Your Head-Sampler LP, USA 1982

16. Sick of it All-Blood, Sweat, and No Tears LP, USA 1989

17. Necros-IQ32 7" EP, USA 1982

18. Adolescents-Adolescents LP, USA 1981

19. F.U.'s-Kill for Christ 12" EP, USA 1982

20. Antidote-Thou Shalt Not Kill 7" EP, USA 1983

21. GBH-Leather Bristles, Studs, & Acne 12" EP, England 1981

22. Channel 3-Manzanar 12" EP, USA 1981

23. Four Old 7" On a 12"-Compilation LP, USA 1984

24. This is Boston, Not LA-Sampler LP, USA 1981

25. Negative Approach-Negative Approach 7" EP, USA 1982

26. Poison Idea-Kings of Punk LP, USA 1986

27. Chaotic Dischord-Fuck the World 7" EP, England 1982

28. Scream-Still Screaming LP, USA 1982

29. SNFU-And No one Else Wanted to Play LP, Canada 1984

30. Fartz-Because This World Fucking Stinks 7" EP, USA 1981

31. Impact Unit-Impact Unit 7" EP, USA 1989

32. Process of Elimination-Sampler 7" EP, USA 1981

33. Anti-Cimex-Raped Ass 7" EP, Sweden 1983

34. CIA-God, Guts 7" EP, USA 1983

35. Youth Brigade-Sound and Fury LP, USA 1983

36. Chaos UK-Burning Britain 7" EP, England 1982

37. Cause for Alarm-Cause for Alarm 7" EP, USA 1983

38. Cro-Mags-Age of Quarrel LP, USA 1987

39. The Stalin-Political LP, Japan 1983

40. Circle Jerks-Group Sex LP, USA 1980

41. English Digs-To the Ends of the Earth 12" EP, England 1984

42. Crucifix-Dehumanized LP, USA 1983

43. China White-Danger Zone 12" EP, USA 1981

44. Batallion of Saints-Fighting Boys 12" EP, USA 1982

45. Negative FX-Negative FX LP, USA 1982

46. Anti-System-No Laughing Matter LP, England 1984

47. Black Flag-Jealous Again 12" EP, USA 1981

48. Social Distortion-Playpen 7" EP, USA 1981

49. Instigators-No One Listens Anymore LP, England 1985

50. Neos-End All Discrimination 7" EP, Canada 1982

51. Misfits-Walk Among us LP, USA 1982

52. Shitlickers-Cracked Cop Skulls 7" EP, Sweden 1982

53. Terveet Kadet-Aareton Joulu 7" EP, Finland 1982

54. Prong-Force Fed LP, USA 1987

55. Outo-Many Question Poison Answer 7" EP, Japan 1983

56. The Fix-Jan's Room 7" EP, USA 1981

57. The Insane-Politics 7" EP, Canada 1981

58. DOA-The Prisoner 7" EP, Canada 1980

59. Bad Religion-How Could Hell Be Any Worse LP, USA 1981

60. Agnostic Front-United Blood 7" EP, USA 1983

61. Meatmen-Blud Sausage 7" EP, USA 1982

62. Gauze-Fuckheads 12" EP, Japan 1983

63. Skeptix-So the Youth LP, England 1983

64. 7 Seconds-Committed for Life 7" EP, USA 1983

65. Varukers-Varukers 7" EP, England 1981

66. Confuse-Nuclear Addicts Flexi 7" EP, Japan 1984

67. Abused-Loud and Clear 7" EP, USA 1982

68. Adrenalin O.D.-Wacky Hi Jinks of Adrenalin O.D. LP, USA 1984

69. BGK-Jonestown Aloha LP, Holland 1984

70. Straight Ahead-Breakaway 12" EP, USA 1987

71. Abrasive Wheels-Vicious Circle 7" EP, England 1981

72. Deep Wound-Deep Wound 7" EP, USA 1983

73. Sore Throat-Acid Rain 7" EP, USA 1987

74. Ignition-Sinker 7" EP, USA 1987

75. Mass Appeal-Mass Appeal 2xLP, Australia 1989

76. Sons of Ishmael-Hayseed Hardcore 7" EP, Canada 1985

77. Rattus-W.C. Rajahtaa LP, Finland 1982

78. Huvudtvatt-Extrem Punx 7" EP, Sweden 1981

79. Corrosion of Conformity-Eye For an Eye LP, USA 1984

80. Final Conflict-Ashes for Ashes LP, USA 1987

81. Underdog-Underdog 7" EP, USA 1986

82. Stupids-Violent Nun 7" EP, England 1985

83. Execute-Hardcore Temptation 7" EP, Japan 1983

84. Malinheads-Hoax 7" EP, Germany 1983

85. Die Kreuzen-Die Kreuzen-LP, USA 1984

86. 76% Uncertain-Estimated Monkey Time LP, USA 1984

87. Agent Orange-Your Mother Sucks Cock in Hell 7" EP, Holland 1983

88. Partisans-Police Story 7" EP, England 1984

89. Final Warning-Final Warning 7" EP, USA 1984

90. Anthrax-Capitalism is Cannibalism 7" EP, England 1983

91. Stains-Stains LP, USA 1983

92. Stalag 13-In Control 12" EP, USA 1984

93 .LSD-Just Last 7" EP, Japan 1986

94. Inferno-Tod & Wahnsinn LP, Germany 1984

95. Ultra Violence-Crime for Revenge 7" EP, England 1982

96. Mau Maus-Facts of War 7" EP, England 1984

97. Accused-Martha Splatterhead 12" EP< USA 1984

98. Subvert-The Madness Must End 7" EP, USA 1988

99. Dead Kennedys-In God We Trust 12" EP, USA 1981

100. Leeway-Born to Expire LP, USA 1988


T • November 22, 2020

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