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Germany’s Gestalten Verlag II

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Mesdames et messieurs – welcome to the second installment of our feature on Germany’s Gestalten Verlag:

Let’s ease in with a beauty:

Best of German Interior Design

Eds. Christian Boros, Florian Langenscheidt, Olaf Salié, Axel Schramm

German / English

464 pages, 652 color and b/w images

Best of German Interior Design introduces the reader to the fifty most renowned German designers and fifty leading German producers of home interior products.

It portrays a scene that, in its self-perception, tends to fall below the radar.

Around the world, by contrast, German creators and manufacturers enjoy an excellent reputation. German furniture, kitchens, and faucets now compete with the best European products, winning consumers over with original ideas as well as superior workmanship.

Major names and brands not only represent a significant industry, they also stand for the highest aesthetic standards in home design and lifestyle.

This opulently illustrated book presents numerous iconic products that demonstrate the true quality of interior design “Made in Germany.” Essays by well-known writers bring key topics and standpoints in contemporary design discourse into focus and enhance the discussion of cutting-edge design by illuminating its cultural and historical contexts.

With contributions by Dr. Andreas Görgen (Federal Foreign Office, Head of the Department of Culture and Communications), Birgitta Homburger (Creative Director of Studio Lambl/Homburger), Prof. Dr. Dirk Boll (President Christie’s Europe & UK, Middle East, Russia & India), and others.

This lavish tome is a heavyweight in every sense and more than a merely classy coffee table ornament: It comprises the essence of German design expertise in 2017 across a myriad of disciplines, enabling readers to decide for themselves which of these examples reveal the typical characteristics of German design.

Let’s shift the geographic focus a bit:


Form. Function. Experience.

Istanbul bridges Europe and Asia. Based in that city, Autoban is one of the most sought-after design studios in the world, whose work masterfully melds Western design traditions with Eastern elegance. Autoban is one of the most sought-after design studios

Founders Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Ça?lar create gorgeous furniture pieces and spectacular interiors at the nexus between Asia and Europe, tradition and modernity—a fitting reflection of the city in which they live and work and whose contemporary landscape their design now defines. 

The book presents a rich selection of Autoban’s breathtaking projects that are documented in striking photographs and plans.

The distinctive concepts for restaurants, hotels, apartments, offices, and retail spaces showcase the studio’s worldview between global cosmopolitanism and its own cultural idiosyncrasies.

Insightful texts give further insight into Autoban’s creative process and philosophy.

Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Caglar, who founded Autoban in 2003, are probably the best-known designers in Turkey. It's hard to visit Istanbul without passing through at least one of the establishments for which they're responsible. Schooled in the Bauhaus style, they have brought a modernistic aesthetic to Istanbul, creating numerous hotels, restaurants and luxury shops in the Condé Nast mould.

They have not only left a significant dent, but changed Istanbul social life’s DNA with their projects and are now establishing an international reputation. They have just finished the cavernous interior of Baku airport in Azerbaijan, which resembles a boutique hotel crossed with a transit hub, and the design of two new restaurants in central London for Wagamama founder Alan Yau.

The book on Autoban excellently illustrates that their work is not prescriptive, design for design's sake, elitist, frivolous, eccentric, old world Turkey, but story-driven, considered, premium, witty, idiosyncratic, timeless ... modern Istanbul.

You cannot escape advertising these days, which is not exactly overflowing with fresh and novel concepts…an area, which is covered by Gestalten’s:

Copy Paste

Graphic Design & Art

How Advertising Recycles Ideas

Books about advertising are, more often than not, supposed to act as sources of inspiration. 

Copy Paste daringly takes the opposite tack. 

It is not that the hoards of adverts compiled here are lacking in artistic merit.

Au Contraire!

The showcased advertisements have been presented at major industry conferences and have won prestigious awards.

Another common trait among the campaigns that Copy Paste presents is that all of them are reproductions.

Whether that is the result of deliberate plagiarism or unlucky coincidence remains an open question. 

Copy Paste provides the images and allows the reader to make the judgment call. 

Copy Paste is Joe la Pompe’s third book and in essence campaigns for more creativity. Through over six hundred ad campaigns featuring under three hundred original concepts, the volume begs the question: Coincidence, phenomenon, or shameless plagiarism? To decide, you will have to read it – at least twice.

For nearly 20 years, Joe la Pompe has pursued a passion for uncovering identical adverts that flaunt identical ideas and concepts, but that originate from different countries and periods.

Joe la Pompe brings them face-to-face in the most simple and possible striking way.

Working undercover with the help of his iconic mask, today, he is the world’s best known “copycat hunter”.

The French blogger is followed by advertisers from around the world who love his revelations though their admiration may swiftly change to bitterness once he catches them.

The aim of his approach is above all to precisely document and highlight this strange phenomenon, which is often shamefully swept under the carpet.

While the bilingual book includes a brief interview with Joe, as well as his theories on why so many similar ideas keep cropping up, a discussion on copyright law, a glossary and even an index of all the mentioned agencies and brands, the meat is a gallery section that presents 618 ad campaigns, with the reader asked to decide on the degree to which their similarities can be ascribed to coincidence.

A visual lesson in originality: Selected campaigns possess unique hashtags that allow readers to interact with Joe la Pompe’s extensive research, cast their opinion online, and make their own judgments.

An essential compass for anyone remotely involved in advertising – one that clearly shows which rabbit hole you would not necessarily want to tumble down.

Gestalten Verlag recently released its Spring 2018 catalogue with upcoming titles:

I personally look forward to

  • Newspaper Design, showcasing the best of editorial and graphic design from the most renowned newspapers across the world, with the objective to prove that skillful news design matters more than ever before as well as Visual Journalism with infographics from the world’s most prominent newsrooms and designers.
  • The Monocle Guide to Hotels, Inns and Hideaways: A new installment of Monocle’s globally minded book series shedding light on where to find good hotels and how to design or run your own.
  • Nordic by Nature, paying homage to the Nordic kitchen, its innovative approach to cuisine, creativity and longevity.
  • which will be featured in our third installment on Gestalten in early 2018.
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