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Ignite book review

Posted April 24, 2020, 7:48 p.m. by T

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Shannah Kennedy Lyndall Mitchell have reinvented themselves under the moniker “the Essentialists”, with the focus on the release of gift books, the Ignite instalment of which is meant to spark the reader into action to make positive changes and elevate their lives.

What to some might sound borderline esoteric, is a book that at its core provides tangible outcomes. In essence, Ignite is a conglomerate of actionable and inspiring guidance to lift your game, which is accessible, relatable and geared at the uninitiated as it sheds light at the foundation one needs to then delve deeper into the more intricate and challenging aspects of self-improvement.

Having had careers in the corporate worlds of both finance and sports, the authors Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell are predestined to comment on what to consider to achieve balance, the achievement of simplicity and a structured life that will serve as the foundation to get you closer to your goals.

For the illuminati and students of The School of Life there would probably be nothing ground breaking new, but as a starting point, Ignite is a book that offers a visually appealing, tactical and authentic toolkit that helps to question one’s business and to focus on what really counts to recalibrate one’s life in a mindful and productive manner.

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