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Magic Mike Live @ Moore Park

Posted Jan. 9, 2021, 1:59 p.m. by T

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Magic Mike Live

Moore Park

Sydney, Australia

January 9, 2021

Apparently, the concept of the stage adaption of Magic Mike Live was incepted on the set of the film of the same name from 2012, i.e. the idea of taking a strip show on the road under the benign guidance of Channing Tatum. The concept was turned into a reality with the vision to offer more than a stage show, which is when the iconic Het Spiegelpaleis was engaged and commissioned to build a custom-made venue, i.e. The Arcadia.

Given the specific nature of the venue and the production, cast and crew travelled to Belgium, where the finer details for the show were refined to perform it on the road.

Needless to say that the implications of the current malaise made the undertaking a logistical nightmare and given endless delays and the possibility of the whole endeavour being postponed indefinitely, it is a small wonder that the live show can incarnate in the Southern hemisphere – of course in a more socially distanced manner than the original production was initially planned for.

After a welcome twist at the beginning, the audience is being guided through the show by a strong feminist conferencier, which shows quite a bit of an evolution since 2012. The plot has a refreshing range of references that suggest that it was developed informed by a team of women, the classy impact of which is felt throughout the show and not merely when it comes to the strip and dance routines, but specifically the banter and dialogues, which my better half referred to as conveying a sense of empowerment.

Apart from what you’d expect from a Magic Mike Live show, the choreography is excellent and the performances varied, including aerial stunts, tap dancing and respectful crowd interaction galore, which more often than not is reminiscent of Cirque du Soleil and showcases the talents of the troupe of international performers, singers and dancers that go far beyond being easy on the eye and lap dancing skills.

In essence, Magic Mike Live is a fun and well-choreographed theatrical reimagining of the movie via a strip-meets-cabaret show that is tailored for the pleasure of women, which despite being dominated by semi-naked men never runs danger of entering sleazy or pure raunchy territory.

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